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Thread: Pleeease help.

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    Unhappy Pleeease help.

    So it's been 10 weeks now and I, starting 2 days ago for the first time, stopped pumping. My milk never came in at first and my baby would neeeever latch on right no matter what I did! He acted like he couldnt find my nipple, even if he was latched on right and I ALWAYS felt like I was smothering him with my DDD boobs ):. Also, the feeling of bfing was just a lil uncomfortable for me. So I started pumping, but my milk supply never increased, the most I have ever gotten was 1.5 oz (yes, combined from BOTH breasts!) about 3 wks after delivery. For the last month I got 20mL or less. It was pathetic! Now I dont even have enough to cover the bottom of bottle so I stopped. But I am desperate! I feel guilty feeding him formula and all I want is for him to have his Mommy's milk! I even tried Fenugreek, 16 pills a day, to no avail. Im 16, and still in high school and I just don't know how I could relactate but like I said, I'm desperate I will try anything. I can't do the 'camp-out' idea because I can't miss school, so does anyone have any ideas? I need to balance trying to get milk back with school.
    Sorry for writing a novel, I didn't know where to turn to besides LLL!

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    Hey! I just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago and I'm relactating, have been for 3 months to no avail. (: What I would suggest is looking into some nipple shields and a Lact-Aid or SNS. Lact-Aids are pricey, but they work! Also, what kind of pump do you have because that makes soooo much difference; I was using the miPump by First Years the last three months--NOTHING; started using the Medela pump in style advanced off of craigslist and it works GREAT. Fenugreek works best with Blessed Thistle (I have yet to get my hands on that)
    Also try: oatmeal, taking warm baths with him/her and getting them to latch on in there, i'm taking a pill called "Vitex" that is supposed to help, too. Lots of rest and lots of water. Skin on skin contact and cosleeping are super helpful as well.
    Look at these vids, too:
    Link 1
    Link 2

    About school...have you looked into online schooling? Right now I'm going to school called Insight. They send the laptop and printer and books for everything. You get a counselour type person called an iMentor who calls you regularly and sees if you need help. You have all of your teachers phone numbers and email addresses and you attend the class once a week via Elluminate which is like a voice recorder thing. (:

    Relactating/Inducing Lactation is hard...I know, but its sooo worth it I'm sure. I know when I was EBF before I got sick I looooved it!

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