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Thread: Snack ideas for 13mo

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    Default Snack ideas for 13mo

    So B's not completely interested in solids yet, he'd much rather nurse. I offer him whatever we're eating mostly, but there's not much he seems to REALLY like, UNLESS it's starchy. He really likes crackers, cheerios, puffs, and the like. So I'm looking for some ideas of other things to try for snack time. He doesn't seem to be crazy about fruit anymore, although I'll still try to give it to him at least once a day. He does like carrots, but it's kind of inconvienient if I have to cook them first, before he can eat them (or any ideas on how I can give it to him raw?--he's got 4 teeth). FYI, he's dairy free.
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    raw grated carrot goes down my boy and he's got no teeth yet! um, rice cakes with something on are good, i use it as a protein cramming tool, tahini, nut butters, gonna say cream cheese but not dairy so maybe tofu, i'm veggie so so are our snack foods... we do eggy bread quite a lot cos it doesn't take long to cook, cucumber and tomato don't need cooking um...
    I'm sure you'll get loads of other ideas though... maybe buy a toddler/finger food cook book? i've not got into this but i know a lot of people swear by them
    just keep trying new stuff, food tastes are so individual even for small people!
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    I give Lilah sticks of carrot that aren't cooked. I just cut them into quarters, french fry type length. She hasn't choked yet. What kinds of food are you looking for? We generally give Lilah leftovers or crackers... she likes tofu cubes and seems to be in love with broth based soups for some reason. What about oatmeal or grits? You can make it thick enough for him to try out the spoon and put other stuff in it that you want him to eat...

    Lilah didn't really go for the solids much until she was about 14 months old. And even now, at 16 months, she eats a lot for her, but a tiny amount compared to other children.

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