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Thread: Baby eats more during the week than on weekends?

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    Default Baby eats more during the week than on weekends?

    I went back to work when my son was 4 months old. I quickly found that I have to struggle to pump a much milk as his daycare providers say he needs. At 6 months old, he takes one 5 ounce and one 6 ounce bottle between 9 AM and 4 PM (plus some solids too). I am consistently .5 - 1 ounces short when I pump during the day, so I have to pump again after he's gone to bed to make up the difference.

    I would think that I'm not making enough milk for him and need to increase my production. But what confuses me is that on the weekends he seems perfectly satisfied with how much milk he gets when he nurses. I eat oatmeal every morning, take blessed thistle and fenugreek, drink tons of water, and pump at the same time that he eats at daycare. What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Baby eats more during the week than on weekends?

    You're working so hard to give your baby the very best!!!

    Why are they offering such big bottles? Have they offered 2 oz every 2 hours or so? ounces more regularly?

    Check this resource to figure out how much he should really 'need'
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    Default Re: Baby eats more during the week than on weekends?

    keep in mind too that a baby is always more efficient at getting milk out than the pump. He probably gets that extra ounce or so out easily when nursing.

    Maybe if you add an additional session during the day, so you pump more often than he eats?

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    Default Re: Baby eats more during the week than on weekends?

    I'm not sure why daycare feeds him the amounts and at the increments that they do. I think they are doing it based off what the other babies are doing. Today I tried sending him in with an ounce less (two 5 ounce bottles) and with one level slower flow nipples, and they said he was fine with that change. So hopefully that will even things out.

    I have definitely noticed that he is more efficient than a pump. He typically only nurses for about 4 minutes per side and that fills him up for 3 hours. Pumping takes at least twice that time, normally triple. I just didn't know if the quantity was also reduced when you are pumping versus nursing.

    I did check the Kellymom calculator, and it said he should be taking anywhere from 3-5 ounces...but that is based on a 1-6 month old. Since he has now moved out of that range, and on to solids, I think 5 ounces is probably a good number to settle on. Thanks to everyone for their advice and thoughts!

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