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Thread: New and ned help - PLEASE

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    Default New and ned help - PLEASE

    I am new to LLL. I am a mother of 3. My recent 5 weeks princess, 5 weeks young today. My first son I could only BF for 3 weeks, my second son I did not bf. I would like to bf my daughter for as long as possible.
    I wish I would have done so with my other 2 - but did not and now am looking for help with this one.....

    1.) She has thrush. Was just recently diagnosed with it when we asked her doctor why her tounge has been white since birth and what we can do for her. We asked if we should be cleaning it and she stated she had thrush. Put her on 1/2 teaspoon of Nystatin 4 times a day to be applied to inside of her mouth as a topical solution and to myself as well.
    Am wondering if anyone else thinks this is too much? Is there a "natural" solution to help? I noticed the side effects of this medication can be stomach upset, diahrea and vomitting... she is having stomach upset.....

    2.) The past 3 days she has latched on and drank good for about 5 minutes and then becomes very fussy and naws at me after that. Even cries and wines. She will pull her head back on my nipple and yank on it. I am wondering if she is getting enough. It is not as though she is getting too much! I feel let down about every 6 hours. When I take her off, she screams bloody murder and is quite upset. Do you think this has to do with the thrush?
    She has been eating every 3 hours during day and 3 - 4 at night......

    3.) How do I know what to expect at each week? Like - what should I expect at week five? What is the norm of how long and how many hours she should be eating. How much should I be producing? After reading over a few artlicles on the LLL website - I do not think I am producing enough milk. Pump after 1 hour of feeding - get nothing. Pump after 2 hours of feeding - get 1/2 ounce from Left and 1 ounce from right Pump 3 - 4 hrs of feeding - get 1 ounce from Left and 1.5 from right
    When she feeds from my Left - she only feeds for 5 minutes and then starts to wimper and cry. She will continue to do this for about 5minutes before she then begins to naw at my nipple and play with it with her tounge. I will only allow her to do this for a few minutes of trying to get her to latch back on before I take her off. She will scream and cry until she cries herself to sleep.
    She usually eats 10 - 15 minutes off the Right. When she will jerk herself off as if she is done, but when I go to burp her, she will scream and cry at me. She has been doing this for about 1 week now. Until then, she would feed fine off of Right - and I allowed her to feed - sometimes up to an hour on each side. She has always had issues with the Left side. I have tried putting diapers filled with hot water on my Left nipple, running warm water on my nipples, apply hot compress to them to make sure all ducts are open, but I still get the same reaction.
    What is going on? What is wrong? I really want to do this, but am feeling quite frustrated with all of it and ready to give up!
    I can not get to a LLL meeting because I am a SAHM who has 2 sons and 2 step sons to take care of in addition to my new princess. cannot pump after every feeding due to demands of my other children and their schedules.

    4.) Recently she has been falling asleep after 10 minutes of feeding, but when I go to burp her, she starts screaming bloody murder - especially at night feedings! So I start to feed her again and she falls asleep after another 5 minutes..... we go through this routine for about 1 1/2 hour)

    5.) Her poop - she has always had runny poop - sometimes yellow, sometimes green. My doctor said when it is green it is because her body can not tolerate something I have eaten - anyone else heard of this? It is usually about every other diaper and I also notice it after I eat Broccili....
    But..... today her poop is not runny. Still yellow and green, but it is really sticky and seedy and sticks to her bottom like paste. Should I be worried?

    6.) Pumping hurts me, especially if I am pummpig and then let her feed a few hours later, how do I make sure I maintain a adequate milk supply for her?
    She was 6.4 at birth and went to 5.4 a few days after birth... but is back up to 7.4 currently......

    HELP PLEASE!!!! I have so many questions and really want to do this right and for a long period of time. This forum has to be my alternative.
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    Default Re: New and ned help - PLEASE

    Hopefully someone will reply who has more experience with this than I, but here's what I know - I've heard from other moms that gentian violet works as well or better than Nystatin, and I don't think it has any side effects other than turning baby's lips and anything else it touches purple. I also know of a mom who gave her baby acidophilus supplements, and she took them herself. Having dealt w/ yeast infections myself, I know acidophilus is helpful in getting rid of yeast, and again, it doesn't have any side effects.

    I'm not knowledgable enough to comment on your other questions. I did notice a lot of variation in the color, consistency, etc. of my daughter's poop at the beginning. Well, there's still variation, but I don't worry about it as much anymore (she's nearly 7 months old).

    I hope you're able to resolve these problems quickly and that you have a positive BFing experience with your daughter.


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    Default Re: New and ned help - PLEASE

    Hello Jenn and congratulations on your new daughter! I can't answer all of your questions but I can try to help you with a few of them!

    About the thrush, you can help eliminate it by avoiding sugar in your diet, and eating yogurt with active cultures. You both definitely need to be treated though. Sometimes thrush can be hard to clear up!

    You mentioned her becoming fussy at the breast. That can definitely be caused by the thrush, and it can also be caused by your letting down. Does she seemed overwhelmed by your milk at times? Does it come out really fast, too fast for her to keep up sometimes? That can cause fussing too.

    All babies are so different week to week, that getting to know your own baby rather than relying on a book or other information I think is helpful. If you watch her, she will let you know what she needs as far as nursing. Some babies nurse a lot but for shorter times, and others have long sessions. Some are marathon nursers at night. It just really depends on the baby! What is normal for one, would be very different for another!

    It is normal for breastfed babies' poop to be a little runny. If you are seeing green poop, that is usually because she is getting more watery foremilk, and not enough fatty hindmilk. Allowing her to finish one breast and drop off it on her own before offering the other one will help with that imbalance. Sometimes breastfed babies have somewhat sticky and seedy poop too, that is all normal.

    About your pumping, what type of pump are you using? Do you need to build a stash for work? The best way to keep a good milk supply is to drain the breasts as much and as often as possible. Your baby is capable of getting far more milk out than the best pump can.

    I hope that helps a little bit! Keep in touch, there are wonderful people here!

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    Default Re: New and ned help - PLEASE

    Hi Jenn! Congrats on the new little one!

    The thrush I can comment on. My dd and I have been battling it for 4 weeks now. She did have a severe case because I didn't catch it until my nipples were all cracked and raw. My pedi said to give the Nystatin 3 times a day, 1ml in each cheek. Now up until our last appt. 10 days ago I had been using a syringe and squirting it in her cheeks. This is not an effective method. I was advised at our last appointment to wipe out her mouth with a clean washcloth and apply 1ml in each cheek with a clean finger. I measure in the syringe and squirt it in a bowl and then massage it all around her cheeks, tounge and insides of her lips. Since I've been doing it this way it has gone away. I am going to treat her until the bottle is gone to make sure it doesn't come back. For myself I found that the liquid Nystatin that I use on the baby makes my nipples really dry causing them to crack. My OB gave me a script for Nystatin in a topical cream form which has worked very well.

    She could be having a latch problem due to the thrush. My dd had it so bad that nursing was painful for her. The doctor described it like having a cotton ball in your mouth all the time, so I can imagine that would hurt! She should get better soon.

    I hope it goes away soon. Its definately not fun!

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    Default Re: New and ned help - PLEASE

    Your supply is fine. You aren't able to get milk when you pump b/c it hurts (and even if it didn't hurt, some women are never able to pump, yet their babies are fine. My sister can't even get a few drops when she pumps, but her 7lb at birth ds was over 20lbs by 6 mos. Same w/ her 2nd, who was 8lbs.) And it hurts b/c you have thrush in your breast. Yes, IN your breast. I second what the gals above said, try the gentian violet. And the probiotics. I am alergic to milk, so I always suggest a good refrigerated probiotic capsule (you can get at a health food store--the good ones are expensive, about $25/bottle, but the bottle lasts months.) but I gues yogurt will work. lol

    If you continue to experience pain after trying the no sugar lots of yogurt (preferably plain unsweetened! make sure it has live cultures, like the organic yogurts or Dannon) and a few days of gentian violet and nystatin (nystatin is fairly harmless for most babies.) then go see your OB/GYN. You may need a round of Diflucan. I have had resistant thrush before and I had to go on Diflucan for 10 days. You need to take 200mg the first day and 100mg for 10-14 days after that. Here's an article you print out to take w/ you. I've found most OB's are not well informed on breastfeeding issues. http://www.breastfeedingonline.com/20.html

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    Smile Re: New and ned help - PLEASE

    Just a few quick comments:

    The Nystatin suspension liquid that pediatricians often prescribe for pediatric thrush -- it's in a sugar base. Guess what yeast thrives on? Sometimes it works but often times it does not. So just be aware of that.

    There's about a hundred different ways to treat thrush. You kind of just have to find something that works through trial and error. For me (battled thrush off/on for the better part of a year with child #2), I found that grapefruit seed extract (30 drops to 1 ounce of water), acidophilus and Newman's All-Purpose Nipple Ointment worked the best.

    Gentian Violet is very effective but it can be harsh -- if you've already got sore nipples then painting your nipples purple can make them even more sensitive. So, just another thing to be aware of.

    To the OP'er -- Try calling a local LLL Leader and discussing these things with her in person. You may also ask her if she can meet you in person (come to your house) to watch/evaluate your baby's latch.

    As for what to expect -- this may help (not LLL approved though):
    Nursing your newborn — what to expect in the early weeks

    Here's a few other links (again, not LLL approved):

    Thrush Resources
    ... more than you ever wanted to know about thrush

    Can a nursing mother eat this food? FAQs

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