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Thread: 3.5 month old sleeping well

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    Default 3.5 month old sleeping well

    I have a 3.5 month old ds at home that has been waking every 1.5-2.5 hrs at night to feed. About a month ago he started sleeping from about 10pm to 4 am and than feeding and than sleeping until about 7:30. But this past week he has been waking every few hrs at night to feed. My hubby and I were on vacation last week so ds schedule is all screwed up. There is also alot of tention in the house between my hubby and myself. So I am wondering if ds is picking up on that and maybe that is why he is not sleeping well? He naps for about 45 min 3-4 times a day/evening. Also ds son eats anywhere from 2-3 hrs during the day.

    Could this be a growth spurt? I thought he went through one a few weeks ago.

    What do other people? Ds also takes a nuk, which he loves!

    Also, any suggestions for getting him to sleep longer at night? I am just exhausted.

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    Default Re: 3.5 month old sleeping well

    Babies are so unpredictable. Your lo could be waking for many reasons. I am not sure about the stress factor. Life after baby can really be an adjustment.
    Here is an article on sleeping through the night from this site
    For some people it may be hard to do, but I try to go with the flow. If my DD sleeps through the night, great. If not that's ok too. More time to snuggle up together in our bed or in the rocker. I think, for me, if I am struggling with how long she feeds, or sleeps, life is much easier if I just except that that's how it's going to be and embrace that. Forget the laundry and housework. It will be there tomorrow. My DD won't be little and need me forever.
    Good luck.

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    Default Re: 3.5 month old sleeping well

    My DS was sleeping a 5 hour stretch and nursing, and then again after 3 more hours. But the 6 week growth spurt hit, and he was up every 2 hours for a couple weeks, and now he is just back to every 3 hours.

    Could your DS be going through a growth spurt? According to kellymom.com there is a growth spurt at 3 and 4 months, so maybe this is the case?


    Good luck to you!

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