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    So I've had a Doh! epiphany this morning... I've been pumping for the last 2 weeks (mostly once every morning and then the other night I ran a trial run of baby alone with daddy to mimic my work schedule to see how she'd do) to have a stash in my freezer. I've all of a sudden become engorged and leaky. Then I realized why...Tristyn block nurses. One side for 1 feeding and then I switch to the other. She nurse every 2-3 hrs. and if she wants some sooner than normal I nurse her on the same side previously. I have OALD so I do this to give her a chance to nurse without having to choke half the time. Silly me has been pumping BOTH sides everytime I've pumped. So telling my breasts I need way more than I do... Blah! Hopefully I get the engorged/leaking breasts issue under control somewhat before I return to work. I'll remember to bring an extra shirt and leave it in my car just in case.

    Anyone else do this? Recommendation to help alleviate the problem?
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    Hannah Aug 17/2009 (5pd15oz) Hyperemesis & Preeclampsia

    Still almost exclusively Just hanging on to our one per day!

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