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Thread: suggestions for a new breastpump.

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    Default suggestions for a new breastpump.

    need some suggestions. ds is 9 months and my current pump (evenflo comfort) has given up and no longer works very well. my goal is 12 months and would like to know about some good pumps i can buy for the next few months. i pump 3 times a day at work and 1-2 times at night only at home.

    thanks ladies!!!

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    Default Re: suggestions for a new breastpump.

    I had a medela pump in style that I borrowed from a friend. It worked well and I liked it a lot. A bit bulky and heavy, but I responded to it really well. She is expecting another, so in anticipation of having to give itback when I still need it ( I work full time and pump 3x/day at work), I bought a medela freestyle. I love it's siz and portability; very light when compared, lots of room in the bag. However, my production went waaay down. I mean from 18-22oz per day to 13-17. It's still enough, but I'm not making any extra anymore.

    A friend of mine exclusively pumps though, and the freestyle is all she's ever had. She gets plenty on a 4x/day schedule.

    There's my $0.02!
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    Default Re: suggestions for a new breastpump.

    I have a Pump In Style Advanced and it does well for me. Been using it 3 times, sometimes 4 a day for 2 months and about once a day for 2 months before that.

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    Default Re: suggestions for a new breastpump.

    Everyone always seems to recomend the Medela! I borrowed my SILs PISA (who used it for her two LOs), and it's great! I've been pumping once a day to get a good stash, and for any missed feeding when I can't be with my LO. I also plan to pump 4x a day a work when I return (on MONDAY!! ).
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    Default Re: suggestions for a new breastpump.

    I had an electric Medela breast pump with my first DD, I hated it!
    It's nipple part was far too long and wide, I have huge nipples and it stretched mine even further, Which then they cracked, bled etc..
    I also found it too noisy and too hard - The suction, I swore my vacuum would suck less than that!!

    I've just bought a Tommee Tippee electric phase 2, It's brilliant!
    I cannot recommend that enough, Its light, can run on electric OR battery, The suction is variable and best of all it's so much easier to take apart (to wash, steralise etc..)

    I hope you find what's best for you x
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    Default Re: suggestions for a new breastpump.

    Do you know if it may still be under warranty? My Lansinoh double electric motor was seeming to give out after about 7 months of 4-5 times daily use. It was still under warranty (1 yr from purchase) and they overnighted me a whole new pump set--no charge.

    If you do still have to buy a new one, the Lansinoh worked well for me and seems to be much cheaper than the other double pumps, especially if you may only be using it for a few more months. Mine was $115-125 from Amazon.com (it is the exact same pump as the Ameda double pump, just with different branding).

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