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Thread: Help Needed - 10 days old

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    Default Help Needed - 10 days old

    hello, my name is robyn and i am a 1st time mom of a 10 day old baby girl named kaylin. i am hoping someone here can help me.

    please excuse my typing, i am holding the baby and can olny type with one hand LOL

    the fist week breast feeding went very well. my nipples were a bit sore and cracked but after applying some lanolin i was a lot better plus the baby was getting latched on a lot better after the first few days of not.

    the problem is that the last few days she will not latch on to he left breast and gets really really upset everytime i offer it. she has NO trouble with the right. needless to say the left one is really sore and full. its not that she is not trying cause she is a reaaly eager little eater but she just doesnt get on right and even when she does she pulls away right away screaming. i know there is milk in there cause as this is happening milik is dripping all over her little crying face so i just dont know what to do.

    i have tried hot wet dace cloths on it before feeding her and massaging it. as soon as i try her on the right no problem, she is fine and eats away.

    i just sterilzed my pump and i was going to try and pump it for now to see if that helps. does anyone have any idea what is wrong and how i can fix it?

    thanks for reading


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    Poor mama! You're probably EXHAUSTED and then to be hurting in your engorged breast and confused about why your LO won't nurse has to be tough!

    I'm no medical expert, but sometimes babies just tend to prefer one breast over another. Sometimes they have another trouble like water in their ear from a bath or an ear infection, but as young as she is, I'm guessing you are only sponge bathing her, so that's probably not it. Usally this kind of thing seems to just be a preference. My DS won't nurse from my left side unless he's not paying attention and he's almost 6mo old!

    Have you tried putting her in the same "position" that you have her in for your Right breast but on your left side? Like if you normally do the football hold, just turn yourself and football hold her onto the left one. It's kind of awkward, but sometimes it's just a preference of how they turn their head or something. Who knows, maybe her neck might be sore today?

    If it keeps up, you might want to check with your Ped to have them check her out to make sure she's not sore somewhere or just having some other trouble. It probably isn't that, but just to ease your own mind.

    Best of luck to you and maybe see if you can try having her nurse in another position (get creative! Just be careful with her neck since they're so floppy at that age!) before pumping since you're still establishing your supply.

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    Default Re: Help Needed - 10 days old

    I have no experience with it myself but have read that babies will sometimes fuss if the milk flows to quickly, and you mentioned something about the milk dripping on her face. It could be that the milk flows faster in one breast than the other but again, I'm probably not the one to help you in this situation. You might contact a lll leader directly to see if this is a possibilty????

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    Default Re: Help Needed - 10 days old

    Welcome to the forum! And congratulations on your new precious baby! I am so sorry to hear you are having a rough time.

    I think it is important to have her pediatrican take a look at her since she is so young, in order to check for birth injuries. Some babies will have an injury that goes unnoticed at birth, but can cause your baby discomfort when in certain nursing positions. Have you tried nursing her in different positions for that side?

    It is a possibility that you may have an abundance of milk and an overactive let down that is causing her to react this way. We struggled with this and one of the first signs was her refusal to nurse on one side. I found out later that this was the breast that was the strongest producer ... and therefore was the one that had the hardest spray and the fastest flow of milk, too fast for her to keep up with.

    I found these resources very helpful, along with the advice of my local LLL Leader. Check these pages out ...
    My baby fusses or cries during nursing - what's the problem?
    Forceful Let-down (Milk Ejection Reflex) & Oversupply
    Am I making too much milk?

    I think the best idea for you is contacting a La Leche League leader or lactation consultant (IBCLC) for one-on-one support. They can guide you much better than anyone can over the computer. Since your baby is so young I would really recommend talking to a leader if you can.

    Is there a La Leche League Group in your area? The leaders will help you for free. Here is the link to find one:
    How to Find a La Leche League Leader Near You

    Let us know how things progress for you. Good luck!

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