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Thread: How much is a feed for 6 mos old

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    Default How much is a feed for 6 mos old

    I am away from my baby betweebn 9 am - 6 pm. I've been breastfeeding her exclusively but had to go back to work when she turned 5 mos. Pumping has been going great since we have a pump room at work. I bring home 10 oz everyday. I leave another 2 oz before i leave home as well. SO while I'm gone she eats app. 12 oz.

    She's fed every 3 hours about 4 oz. or sometimes 5 oz. She's putting on weight nicely. But never chubby. Ped says she's tall and lean becuase it seems to be her body type...

    I've panicked to read on other forums most parents feed 8 oz per feeding. Can you advise? Kelly mom says babies should eat 24 oz in 24 hrs.... but did not specify how old.

    I believe my DD eats just about 24 oz in 24 hours or maybe even less. I breast feed her immediately when i arrive home, at nights, before i leave for work and etc... so i cant be too sure.
    But my breastfeeding is on top that 10-12 oz a day....

    Should I increase my milk supply by pumping more?
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    Default Re: How much is a feed for 6 mos old

    My 6 mos old takes 4.5-5oz per feed at daycare, and has since he was about 4mos. There are those who would say that may even be too much. I think 8oz/feed seems like a lot. Sure, babies can be trained to TAKE that amount, but that doesn't necessarily mean they NEED it.
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    Default Re: How much is a feed for 6 mos old

    8 ounces of breastmilk is too much. 4 ounces sounds great mama!! And not all babies are chubby with rolls, long and lean is just as good!

    Keep doing what you're doing

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    Default Re: How much is a feed for 6 mos old

    Keep up the good work! My son, also 6 months, will have about four 5-ounce bottles at daycare during 8a-5p. He started off with three bottles but he's got the hang of them now I do realize this is on the high end, but he is also long and lean and must have a high metabolism. He is also down to one feeding overnight so he's probably just taking in the majority of his calories during the day. (He is also a fussy nurser so the amount that he gets bfeeding morning and evening varies). I would agree that 8 ounce bottles is on the high end... If you're nursing a lot mornings, evenings/overnight then I'm sure she is getting just what she needs. Every baby is different! Hope this helps
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