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Thread: do you have a high chair that you love?

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    Default Re: do you have a high chair that you love?

    We have a basic model Fisher Price Healthy Care. Things I like are the fact that it's very washable -- I can take the hose to it, and the cover comes off and I throw it in the washer. Height adjustable to fit both our dining table and kitchen table, or even the kitchen island. It folds up, but I think that's silly, as where would I put it? It has wheels, which sometimes are an advantage -- I can easily move it into the dining room -- but when the kids started figuring out how to unlock them, sometimes it moves unexpectedly! One hand tray removal with a dishwasher-OK insert tray, but that will come off if you aren't careful when you put it on and the kid starts kicking.

    The toy attachment, I thought would be stupid, but it did distract the kid long enough a couple times for me to finish scarfing my food down.

    The back lays flat, like I would let my child sleep in it, but that has come in handy with the baby I babysit so he can drink a bottle in it. Totally unnecessary otherwise.

    Think I got it on sale somewhere for like $60.
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    Default Re: do you have a high chair that you love?

    We have the fisher price healthy care booster with the toy insert and the removable tray. I love it, we have plain wood chairs so there's no seat pad to worry about-and 6 of them, the booster is easy to clean and the tray is nice in that it is dishwasher safe and the toy inset is nice but gets obnoxious quick. I did like it when DS was sitting at the table with us but we hadn't started solids yet or for meals when he isn't getting solids but want to be with us (lunch etc)
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