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Thread: Puming - where to start?

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    I would like to start pumping, so my DH can do some feedings and I can get a supply started before going back to work, but I'm confused on how/when to start pumping. I bought the Medela Style Advanced Dual pump. My friend suggested pumping one breast simotaneously while feeding my little one on the other. I've tried this a few times, but I'm concerned the baby isn't getting enough on the single breast (even with offering her seconds on the same side). I also am not sure how many times I day I can pump.

    Any suggestions on when/how is the best time to introduce pumping? I'd like to pump as much as possible, while also still continuing my regular breast feeding during the day/night when I feed the baby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    How old is your baby? When are you going back to work? How many hours per day will you be away from your baby?

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    What I started doing was at about 5-6 weeks (planned/took 11 weeks maternity leave) pumping after the feed that was around 8 o'clock in the morning. At the time, that was one of the best naps my son took, and so I knew I'd have time to pump and catch a little shut-eye of my own before he woke up. I would just pump both breasts right after the feeding, whether he ate from one breast or two (at the time I was dealing w/ oversupply and had started block feeding - I think most people feed both breasts every time?). Then I would let my hubby feed him when he got home from work and I would pump again during that feeding time. If he didn't feed him for some reason (got home late, I just didn't feel like pumping again, etc.), I would just nurse right through the evening w/o pumping that second time. I would say we probably gave him a bottle 3 evenings out of a week during that last month before I went back to work.

    What this did was introduce an "extra feeding" from my breasts' point of view, and so it got to where I was generating an extra 3.5oz or so of EBM per day - the amount he was taking per feed @ the time. When I went back to work, I had a nice stash built up that I didn't really need, b/c by then I was "used" to the pump, and was getting great output w/ 3 pumps/work day (I work 8-5, son gets 3-4 bottles during that time).

    Hope that helps, and good luck!
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    I did the same thing as @jeno. About 3 wks before I was scheduled to return to work I would nurse as much as LO wanted first thing in the morning, then pump since I was always very full then. Usually she had one full breast and a little bit from the second, so I would just pump the second side. Pumping at the same time as nursing would have worked and been faster but DH was always home in the morning to take the baby then, so I just didn't worry about juggling both at the same time. I don't think there's really a limit on how many times a day you could pump, more likely just a limit on how much time and patience YOU have to do it.

    Rather than pumping again during the day, I added a full double pumping session at night--before I went to bed and during baby's longer (4 hr-ish) sleep period. For about 2 months I would also pump my second side in the middle of the night--but I was hyper-paranoid about building a freezer stash

    I'm concerned the baby isn't getting enough on the single breast (even with offering her seconds on the same side).
    Try offering the pumped side. Pumps are not as efficient at removing milk, so there will still be some there that your baby can get. Also, if it's really not enough, baby's extra sucking will soon give your body the message to make more milk during that time.

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