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Thread: baby not getting enough hindmilk due to ted?

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    Unhappy baby not getting enough hindmilk due to ted?

    I hope someone can help me! I have times where I am at my wits end and I just look at my DS and cry when he is fussy/ colicky. I don't know what to do anymore!
    My DS is 8 weeks and from the moment we brought him home he was fussy. At two weeks, he was all out colic and displayed symptoms of GERD. We took him to the pediatrician and he prescribed prevacid at 4 weeks. DS seems a little bit better being that he doesn't spit up as much, hiccup after every feeding, and less arching of the back while at the breast.
    His colic never went away and I suspect there is something more than colic. He is ALWAYS uncomfortable when awake. He is always straining to pass gas and poo all throughout the day. He screams in pain and just looks so sad and uncomfortable. I have yet to see him genuinely smile (I see him smile but it's usually when he is straining... don't know if its a true smile) and I have not heard him coo and aw. It breaks my heart. He has one to two explosive, very mucousy stools that are usually at night, close together. Even after he poos, he's still uncomfortable and continues to strain.
    So I decided to go on a total elimination diet (TED) because I know breast milk is best and perhaps he is allergic/ food sensitive. At four weeks I cut out all dairy... didn't see a difference. Then soy, gassy veggies, nuts... still didn't see a difference. So I decided to follow Dr. Sears TED and I am only eating brown rice, zucchini, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, pears, rice crispies cereal, rice milk, and turkey. I am on my sixth day of it and his crying has lessened a bit but he is still so gassy with now green, explosive stools. I am thinking too that maybe his crying is lessened because I am more able to cope with it. I have to carry him around till he falls asleep, usually on my chest. I try to sleep when he sleeps but he usually wakes up every hour and strains/ cries and falls back asleep again. I'm sleep deprived too.
    So now I'm contemplating that now that he has green, diarrhea stools, he is not getting enough hindmilk. I feed DS with one breast at each feeding usually every 3 hours and I have experienced OS/ OALD. I latch him off when I get the first letdown (he hates this) and put him back on. It was working out fine until now that I am on TED, my milk seems to be more foremilk and is very thin. Could this be due to my limited diet that is low in fat?
    I now have been offering the same breast for 4 hours (so he feeds twice) and now I am experiencing engorgement of the other breast.
    This sucks! I love my boy so much, I just want him to be okay.
    Any suggestions would truly be appreciated! pamelafish@gmail.com

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    Default Re: baby not getting enough hindmilk due to ted?

    I'm wondering if maybe the core issue isn't GERD or allergies so much as it is overactive letdown/oversupply? OALD/OS would explain the extreme gassiness, the green, explosive stools, and the thin-looking milk.

    I wouldn't blame the TED for the thin-looking milk. As far as I know, the content of mom's diet doesn't really affect the fat content of her milk.

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