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Thread: Finger food ideas

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    Question Finger food ideas


    I have a 8.5 month old daughter who is EBF. She has been on solids from 6 months onwards. I am planning ongiving her finger foods.

    Can you please share your ideas on safe finger foods?

    Thanks in advance,

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    When my daughter was that age she loved cheerios, raisins, cheese, toast strips, small pieces of lunch meat, all kinds of veggies especially brocolli florets, black beans, crackers, lots of different fruits...
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    toast fingers, sweet potato sticks (like french fries) baked at home so no grease, basically any vegetable/fruit... if you can find a crinkle vegetable cutter it can really help in making tin easy to hold shapes in vegetables for your LO.. or cook vegtables till soft and cut up into cubes, helps great with the pincher grip... cheerios, there's organic ones out there.. rice cakes.. shredded cheese, scrambled eggs...have fun and get ready for the mess
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    Bananas and avocadoes
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    All of these choices are excellent. My son's favorite foods came from ideas on this forum. He loves Rice Chex and baked pear slices.

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