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Thread: What is a good hand pump?

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    Default What is a good hand pump?

    I need a good hand pump. Can I get any recommendations on a good pump? I need to be able to pump enough each day for the next day at daycare. I can only pump once at work on my lunch break.


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    Default Re: What is a good hand pump?

    Medela makes a good hand pump.

    Just curious, though, why you need a hand pump specifically? An electric pump would be a whole lot easier, and it would give you more output as you could pump both sides at the same time.

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    Default Re: What is a good hand pump?

    Absolutely. WIC can help you with an electric double pump. My WIC office gave me a Medela pump in style advanced. Free of charge.

    With my first DD, 12 years ago, I went back to work with a hand pump. I quit pumping within a week because it just got so tiring. It hurts your hand after awhile. AND like the PP said, you get more from an electric double.
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    Default Re: What is a good hand pump?

    I loved the Avent Isis hand pump. I agree with the others though, a double electric would maximize your output and make the most of one short pumping break per day.

    How long is your work day? If it's a full day you may not be able to pump enough for the next day with only one pump break.
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    Default Re: What is a good hand pump?

    I have the Medela hand pump... I don't have any complaints. Just realize it takes 45 minutes to pump each breast with a hand pump, as compared to 10 to 20 minutes with an electric pump.

    It was definately good for those first few weeks when I desperately needed to relieve some pressure in the middle of the night and didn't wanna lug out the electric pump!
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    Default Re: What is a good hand pump?

    I don't pump anymore, but loved my Avent Isis hand pump. I often chose to use it over my electric. That being said, I also had an Ameda Purely Yours double electric that I got through WIC, so I'd definitely check into that.


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