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Thread: Question about PISA

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    Default Question about PISA

    Hello, I was just wondering about my pump. It seems that the suction is not as good. I have checked all the pieces, they are all fine, no holes or leaks or anything anywhere. When I listen to it, it really seems like it's not drawing as much anymore. This is my second motor since August. I am pumping every 3 hours. Has anyone else had a problem with this pump not being able to handle this type of pumping? My supply is dwindling and I am worried it is due to the pump, instead of everything else I can think of, lol. I'm not having the best of times with pumping right now and I am just looking for a bit of re-assurance. Thank you!


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    The lactation store and breastfeeding centers here all have a machine that checks the suction It never hurts to swap out those little white valve things either.

    I am on my second baby and my PISA motor is doing fine - did you get a lemon? Is it under warranty still?

    I am sorry you are going through this.
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    Default Re: Question about PISA

    Definitely call Medela even if it's no longer under warranty. They have great CS and will help.

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    I had to get a new PISA twice. I think they are great pumps but I wore that thing out by EPing. I don't think they are meant for that kind of wear. They are under warranty for a year though and their CS is great.

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    Medela will trouble shoot the issue for you but I would change the valves and membranes first. These are the things that really effect the suction.

    this is what they look like
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