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    Hey everybody. In the past two days I have been beginning to cough, sneeze, get headaches and have a sore, swollen-feeling throat. My baby is 2.5 weeks old and I am terrified that she is going to get sick from me if I have a cold (it COULD just be allergies/sinuses.) She is exclusively breastfed and usually eats 12x per 24 hours. Are the immunities in the breastmilk strong enough to keep her safe from my illness, should it be contageous? What can I do to prevent her from getting sick?

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    Sasha, I'm sorry to hear you are having these cold/allergy symptoms -- that is no fun, especially when caring for and nursing a baby.

    Don't worry about your baby's exposure to your germs -- whether or not you were breastfeeding, she would have been exposed long before you developed any symptoms. Your immune system was hard at work pumping the right antibodies into your breastmilk before you even knew you were sick, and so your breastmilk -- lots of it, and frequently -- is exactly what she needs to keep her healthy right now.

    If she does develop any cold symptoms, let her doctor know about it -- but rest assured that continued exclusive nursing will speed her recovery better than any other approach. Breastfeeding babies often escape altogether when contagious illnesses are going through their household, and even when they also get sick, they tend to have milder symptoms and recover more quickly.

    I hope you are feeling much better soon.


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    How difficult for you...that you are sick, and with a newborn to boot! It is such a tiring time anyway!

    I and my family have been sick a couple of different times since dd was born. With each illness, dd seems to have only gotten mild cases...and I believe it was because I continued to breastfeed, even though I was feeling terrible and wanted a break! Those antibodies that are passed through your milk, even before you have a hint that you are getting sick, are just what your little one needs!

    Remember to drink lots of fluids, especially water, and to continue to take your prenatal vitamin, if you have one!

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    Thanks for the responses... I was hoping the breastmilk would protect her, but I wasn't sure. And thanks also for being so kind... It is definately rough to get outta bed at night when you don't feel good to begin with. The understanding you get from the people here is really nice.

    PS. For those of you who know about my previous troubles, I'm happy to report that she's mostly stopped choking on my milk, and just begun taking both breasts per feeding instead of falling asleep after one

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    I hope you feel better soon! It definitely is hard to take care of a newborn when you aren't feeling well yourself.

    I had a cold several weeks ago (my ds is almost 9 weeks old) and he didn't catch it. He was also with my stepmom who got a cold the next day after she was watching him, and he didn't catch it either. I believe that the bm keeps him from getting sick!

    Do your best to get some rest, and make sure you drink lots of fluids!

    Take care!

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