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Thread: nipples compatible w/ medela bottles?

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    Default nipples compatible w/ medela bottles?

    Anyone know if there are other brands of nipples that are compatible w/ medela bottles? I used medela w/ DD1 successfully and so bought all new ones for DD2. Well the newer version have a slow flow nipple that isn't very slow. Both DH and my mom commented that the milk just streams out of the nipple and DD2 has trouble keeping up. Since I have all new bottles I don't want to buy more bottles if I can find new nipples that will work.
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    Default Re: nipples compatible w/ medela bottles?

    I agree that those medela nipples are *not* slow flow!!!

    All medela, ameda and lansinoh pumps and bottles have 'standard size' openings.

    Platex, gerber, evenflo, nuby and dr brown make 'standard' size bottles nipples and rings. (Just make sure to double check the label to make sure that it says standard.)

    Dr browns makes a preemie nipple that should be slow flow but it is a narrow nipple (nothing for the baby to latch on to). The only wide base standard nipple I've seen are the evenflo purely comfi, and the medela. The evenflo purely comfi IMO, has a much flower flow, especially if you don't super tighten the ring.


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