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Thread: Need to vent a little

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    Hi everyone,

    I just had a sort of afternoon yesterday. Took DS 6 months to the ped. DS was a preemie (adjusted age is really 4 months) and in the two months since his last appointment, he gained less than 2 pounds. It didn't really surprise me but I was disappointed. This is for a 4 month old. Even on the WHO charts he's 2 SDs from the norm.

    We started putting DS in his own room just over a month ago and the number of night feeds dropped dramatically. I think I had been waking up at every little peep and feeding him, and suddenly I was only responding when he got really loud. So the ped has suggested I throw in an extra night feeding. Luckily my ped believes he should continue to be EBF.

    On top of that, DS is anemic. My family is VERY fair so I didn't think much of his light skin, but the ped ran a blood test and yep, he needs iron supplements. It's due to his prematurity -- he was born at 30 weeks and didn't have enough time in utero to absorb most of the iron he should have had at birth. Up till now his iron count was fine. I saw DS was getting very fair but I figured he was just losing some of that red splotchiness that all new babies have.

    I worked really hard to be able to BF and I'm feeling a little like I let my little guy down. Everyone else has watched DS grow from under 4 pounds to over 13 now and they're amazed, and I understand why, but I just don't feel like I've done enough. Is this just me feeling sorry for myself? Or does anyone have ideas for me on how to help get more food into him?

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    Hugs to you.. You are doing an awesome job with you lo.. I also think that it is great that his ped is so supportive of bf..

    Other than the iron is there anything else that the ped was concerned about?? Have you thought about taking an iron supplement? I am not sure how much of it would go to your milk but it might be worth a try..Sometimes the iron in our prenatal vitamins isn't quite enough to meet our needs..

    Keep up the good work. Don't worry about feeling like you are little him down, I think that all of us mom's feel that way at some point!! I know that if my lo doesn't seem to be getting enough or is extra fussy, I think that I am not doing something right. But you are doing such a great job w/him and it's great that you have good support as well.. Vent all that you need that is why all of us are here: for help, support, and everything else one could think of...
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    It sounds as if you've worked very hard and done a great job for your baby! It must have been difficult and stressful for you that he came so early. I'm not a doctor, but I can't see how his anemia is your fault. Bf has probably helped your little one get bigger and stronger than he would have otherwise had the chance to be. I think we probably all have days when we feel like we're failing our children - I know I do! - but you're really not! You're doing great.

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    My nephew was born at 31 1/2 weeks and he, too, developed anemia. He was ebf as well. I don't think this, in any way, is your fault. Anemia is very common with preemie's, from what my sil told me, and she researched it a lot. She was very lucky because her ped really wanted her to continue bfing, but I know some will push formula as a "solution".

    I think you are doing a great job...keep up the great work!

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    You are doing a wonderful job...to see a little on go from 4 pounds to 13 in only 6 months is AMAZING!! Mine hasn't done that well, and she wasn't preemie!! You are doing a wonderful job, and I think that the anemia is common in your situation! I just want to applaud you for all your hard work, and encourage you to keep it up!! It's not your fault that your babies iron stores have been used up, that is something that just happens...it's not your fault...keep up the good work!!
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    sounds to me like you're doing a wonderful job. I too have heard that anemia is fairly common in preemies-keep breast feeding that little one, and follow the doc's orders, and I'm sure it'll be fine

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