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    I'm trying to start using a manual pump, I've never used one before & am having a hard time getting the hang of it... I was in a car wreck in July 09' & need to have some medical things done & want to start storing milk so that he has enough. I can't seem to pump more than .5 oz at a time & I'm confused as to when is a good time to pump without taking away from him?

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    Pump after he eats and when he's hungry again you will have plenty for him. I've never used a manual pump but if you're trying to build up a stash for him you would likely have an easier time with an electric pump. Most women find their supply is best early morning so maybe after his first nursing of the day you could pump.
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    with Krystine. If you really want to build a stash, get an electric pump!

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    Ditto. I've been using the Medela Single Deluxe (bottom of the line single electric) and it's ok but still not very good at emptying the breast. I just upgraded to their Swing single electric model which I read in reviews is comperable in quality to the more expensive double electric ones, the main difference being obviously you can only pump one breast at a time.

    With as inefficient as the Delux is (though it's not horrible for very occasional pumping, I do pump every day for one bottle and then try to pump one extra 3oz bag to freeze for later, and it's just not enough for that) I can't imagine trying to make the hand pump work for more than VERY occasional use.

    ETA: I haven't used the Swing just yet since I just purchased it this morning. But I'm expecting it will be better!
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