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    Okay this is just a quick question. Me and DD (7 weeks old) have been nursing almost exclusively since birth (some bad advice given from a nurse to suppliment with formula kinda messed things up for me) Now we are working on completely getting her off the formula. During her cranky time of the day she has no patience for my milk to flow so she fusses and screams until we give her a bottle. Now I want to pump some breastmilk for the next night when she gets fussy so I don't have to use formula. I notice my hand pump doesn't get much milk, maybe an ounce and a half from each breast (I know that pumping doesn't determine how much milk I have).

    So now to my question, does hand expressing yield more milk than pumping? Does it take longer? or should I use a combination of both?

    DD Born December 30th 2009, 6 pounds 7 ounces
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    2 months= 10
    3 months= 13.1
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    5 months= 17.9 (cut 2 bottom teeth!)
    7 months= 19.1 (rolls both ways and sits unsupported)

    Currently and and

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    Most of the time if you hand express, you do get more than the pump, but it's best to just let your DD eat straight from the tap . . . Does she have a specific time she gets hungry? Can you try to feed her before she starts fussing. . . I know at night, if MY DD doesn't eat every two to three hours, she wakes and gets to whining and it's takes forever to get her calmed back down enough to go back to sleep . . . so I try to get her earlier . . . Hope this helps. You are doing great, just keep it up and you and your DD will get the hang of the drill . . .
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