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Thread: How to build back up supply?

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    Default How to build back up supply?

    I searched through the boards a bit but couldn't find much about this. I'm sure this has been asked before!

    I want to start building a back up supply for my LO. I'm home with him now for the next 10 weeks, so I don't need a lot, but I wanted a supply for emergencies or when I go out, etc. Eventually I am going back to work and am hoping to pump then or at least do formula and some BF too at that point.

    Anyway, I've started pumping a bit after every few feedings to increase my supply. I don't get much at a time, maybe 1/2 ounce, which my LO eats now since I am using a supplemental nursing system to help him along. I want to pump a full bottle at a time to store, if I can. When is best to do this? He eats every 2-3 hours, so I don't know when to pump when I'll have the most milk and I don't want to effect his feedings.

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: How to build back up supply?

    Most moms find that they have the most extra milk early in the morning, because prolactin (the milk-producing hormone) levels usually peak overnight. Pumping after your first a.m. feeding is a great way to start building a stash.

    Since it sounds like you're having supply problems, any pumping you do is good. You're pumping after "every few" feedings now- I would start pumping after every feeding. The more often you completely empty the breast, the faster your supply will increase.

    You will probably not be able to pump a full bottle in a single sitting unless you pump instead of nursing. So don't get discouraged by only getting 1/2 an oz- add a few half ounces together and you'll have a bottle.

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