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Thread: Lansinoh leak!!!!

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    I think all of those bags have defects sometimes. I have had problem with the Medela ones too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*carla.mom View Post
    how much do you store at one time in a bag? i've been using lansinoh for almost 6 months for donating to a local mom. she's never complained and always gives me more lansinoh to use.

    i freeze anywhere from 2.5 to 5.5oz at a time.

    I store 4 oz. per storage bag. Does the amount you store affect if the lansinoh bag leaks or not?
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    I personally haven't had issues, but I could understand overfilling leading to leaks. Water and water based liquids expand as they freeze.

    Some plastics become brittle and shatter or break when cold or when cold and then heated too fast. Are you putting frozen bags in warm water? You should put it in the fridge to thaw and then warm water when ready to feed.

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    I saw your posting and wanted to apologize for the trouble you experienced with Lansinoh Bags. For full disclosure, I am a former pumping and breastfeeding mom so I am often on the LLL forums and also a LLL peer counselor. I also work for Lansinoh as the head of breastfeeding and consumer relations.

    First I would like to extend my sincerest apology to you for the unpleasant experience you are having with our Milk Storage Bags. Thank you very much for notifying us of this problem. I can only imagine how frustrating and disappointing this must have been for you since I’ve breastfed two children. This company was founded over 20 years ago by a breastfeeding mothers for the sole purpose of supporting breastfeeding and I am so sorry that one of our products has not only failed to make things easier for you but has created quite the opposite. It takes an enormous commitment to breastfeed, even more of a commitment to provide breastmilk in your absence. To know that a product of ours has challenged you even further is a terrible thing for you and for all of us here at Lansinoh.

    I would like to try and explain what might be the problem: Our biggest challenge is to make a bag that is strong enough while using a completely safe plastic. There are many types of plastic, most of which would be more pliable and more durable. Unfortunately, this plastic has components in it (called plasticizers) that could leach through into the milk. Only when using virgin plastic (which we do) in a special blend can we be assured that the milk can be stored safely with no possibility of an undesired element being released from the plastic. Virgin plastic is more rigid and when the milk freezes, it places more stress on the plastic. The development of a breastmilk storage bag has been a long and costly project for us, but we are determined to deliver a quality bag. Do you all normally freeze the bags lying flat or standing up? We recommend lying them flat to freeze because this puts less stress on the virgin plastic and decreases defosting time. Are you only filling the bags up to the allotted 6oz?

    We would like to try and help you salvage the milk you have frozen now. We can get a supply of our bags sent to you for you to use to 'double bag' the milk you are defrosting so that if they do continue to leak, you can at least catch your milk in something sterile so that it does not go to waste. In the meantime, you can thaw the bags in an empty glass container to help salvage any milk that leaks or upside down if you notice the leaks at the bottom of the bags. Also we could send you an additional supply of bags to use going forward. We would need to speak with you further to get some more information though.

    We would really like to get in touch with you so we can help in this situation. We can only help the situations that we know about.You can get in touch by phone 800 292 4794 or email customerservice@lansinoh.com so we can discuss how we can make the situation a little better. Nothing is going to replace the milk you lost but we would like to try to find out more so we can prevent this from happening again.

    all the best,
    Gina Ciagne, CLC
    Director, Breastfeeding and Consumer Relations
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    I was just coming to look this up. I'm so frustrated because twice this week, I defrosted milk for the sitter only to find a puddle in my refrigerator. I only have this problem with frozen milk. I do lay the bags flat to freeze. Double bagging is one possible, but costly, solution. I'll be contacting the pp.
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