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Thread: What should I do?

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    Default What should I do?

    DD is 3.5 months and I thought I was regulating until recently. Since day one I only nurse her on one side per feeding. I only offer the other if she seems unsatisfied. I have done this since all docs and nurses advised me. In the beginning I was pumping every day due to being engorged all the time. I had a large freezer stash that wasn't being used so I donated to a milk bank. I pump weaned about a month ago. Ok, enough background I think. My question is this...Starting last week when DD nurses she'll come off and I'll be spraying everywhere. And she chokes. It happens on both sides, but not all the time or everyday. I'm also getting engorged again. I'm afraid to pump and end up with too much again. Donating was a pain with all the paperwork, and pumping everyday sucked. So is this OALD or OS? And what about block feeding? How does that work? Since I feed on one side per feeding already.
    Thanks if you kept up.

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    This is a good link on OS/OALD (they're often coupled: moms have OALD because they have OS). My understanding is that the way you cope with this is block feeding, i.e. feeding on one side not just for 1 feeding but for several feedings in a row.

    Good for you for working to get this under control, and you deserve a big round of applause for donating all that milk! WTG, Mama!

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