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Thread: First Week at Work

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    First day at work full time and the pumping is going well but I need my body to give a little more. Baby girl is 3 months and I'm leaving four 3-4 oz bottles for her in my 10 hour absence. Today I pumped 3x while I was gone and got 5 oz each time. My dilemma is that I usually block feed her from one side at a time and feed every 2-3 hours. But pumping is different...I'm pumping both sides at the same time with longer stretches in between 5 days a week. Will this lead to mastitis or a problem with supply on the weekends? How should I pump best to keep supply regular for my pump and her? Frequent pumping is okay since I can do it at my desk and on the commute. Had no trouble pumping loads of milk for the last baby but with this one, I have to work harder it seems! And yes, I'm drinking water and eating oatmeal!

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    This stinks to say but what helps me is pumping between 1 and 5 in the AM. It stinks to get up but this is when your prolactin is the highest. This when the milk supply for me is the highest.

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    I wondered the same thing when I went back to work. I didn't block feed exactly, but I had to feed only one side each time pretty early on d/t oversupply issues.

    I pump 3x/day for the same # of bottles you are making, and it ended up working for me just fine. I work 4 full days per week and Sat mornings, and it just seemed that the first time I pumped in the morning (usually right when I got to work), the one I didn't feed on would produce a ton more (4-5 oz more) than the other side that had just been fed on (which would only do an oz or so). I would just keep track of which side I had fed him on first thing in the morning, and would offer the other one when I came home from work. I discovered that whether he was with me or not, my supply was just fine. Of course, he's a pretty laid back baby, for what that's worth.

    Hope that helps!
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