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Thread: Baby wont take bottle

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    Default Baby wont take bottle

    I've been trying to get my baby to take a bottle for a few weeks now. She is 7.5 weeks old. My hubby tries to give her a bottle and she just pushes it out with her tongue. He's tried method-walking around while feeding, different positions, etc. Anything that really worked for you?

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    Default Re: Baby wont take bottle

    Have you tried different bottles/nipples? DS2 likes the platex latex nipples best after trying several. Does he have a carrier he could wear your LO in? Has he tried it when they are both lying down?

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    I second the vote for trying different bottles/nipples- it could be something as simple as flow speed. Try to find a nipple that is shaped as closely as possible to yours and a flow speed that is closer to your flow. I use the Nuby nipples that have a natural shape and a very wide base because they're very similar to my breast, and a medium flow speed because I have a fast letdown. When we were using the slowflow he HATED it and would scream.

    Try also getting her to latch on the same way she would to your breast- tickling her lips with it and waiting for her to open wide before inserting the nipple. The tip of her tongue should be down, forward, and out of the way of the nipple that way, unless she breaks her latch.

    Is the milk you're offering freshly pumped? If not, try tasting it before you offer it to her. I have a slight lipase issue and if the milk is more than 2 days old in the fridge it starts to taste soapy and very yucky. DS would NOT take it, for good reason! There's nothing wrong with it, the excess lipase just starts to break down the fat and affects the taste. It should taste fresh and sweet.
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    Default Re: Baby wont take bottle

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    Default Re: Baby wont take bottle

    I have tried several types of bottles and it seems like I do not have a lipase problem. Hubby has tried her in a sling (which has been most successful) and other positions. We have been trying to give her one bottle a night. ONe of my friends told me that she went away for a day and let her hubby give her the bottle for the whole day in order to get her take it, but just thinking that she may be upset and hungry gives me anxiety! I will be returning to work in 3 weeks part time and within that time I'm at work, she will need at least one bottle.

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    Default Re: Baby wont take bottle

    we had a hard time getting my lo to take a bottle but she didnthave a bottle till she was like 6mo old. What worked for her was the gerber latex(the brown one) newborn size, the tinyist one they have, and we had to run it under hot water to get it warm and she took it that way. My nipples are alot bigger than this nipple but she liked it for some reason.
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