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Thread: Juice - when and what?

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    Default Juice - when and what?

    So my DD loves to show off her skills with the sippy cup and water. When can we introduce a little bit of juice to play with and what kind of juice would you suggest? And - would you suggest starting with a juice that she's already had a solid for of - like apple juice once she's had apples - just in reference to possible allergies? Of course, we don't want to replace any nursing sessions with it at this point, I'm more asking about it b/c most juices seem so acidic. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    I think juice in a sippy can be introduced at 6 months. But there's really no reason why you would have to do so- juice is very sugary and it's generally better to give your child the whole fruit or veggie instead just the juice, because the whole fruit/veg has fiber and juice doesn't. If you're going to do juice, you probably want to water it down to at least 1/2 and 1/2, just to cut the sugar content.

    Starting with a juice made from a solid your baby has already tried and had no reaction to sounds like an excellent idea.
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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    good advice from PP

    also, the new recommendations are to actually mix the juice with water until the age of 4 at least, since even natural sugars are linked to dental issues in children. And here are some tips for choosing which types of juice are best for your lo and this is a link from kellymom about the introduction of juice. Good luck mama

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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    We didn't introduce juice until just a couple of months ago (he'll be 3 next month). He's always drunk water well, and that's what we prefer, but we started giving him calcium-fortified organic apple juice (diluted 50-50 with water) a couple of months ago because he doesn't drink much milk and was going through a really picky-eating period (I wanted him to have the calcium). He likes it ok, but still prefers water (he gets diluted juice about once a week). If I were you, I wouldn't offer juice now; there's not really a reason to, especially if your baby will drink water.
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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    I really regret ever having introduced juice to my DS, who is 26 months. I think we started it around 18 months or so. The way it happened was that he saw me drinking my morning glass of apple juice and wanted to try some, and once he had tried it, there was no turning back. He asks for it a lot and would drink it all day long if I let him. He gets a very small glass of watered down apple juice every morning and then none the rest of the day. It's just a real hassle and IMO it has absolutely NO nutritional value at all (he gets plenty of vitamin C from other sources). I say hold off as long as possible!

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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    If your LO is drinking water from a sippy, I would stick with it. We used to put a splash of juice in DS1's sippy to get him to drink from it, and then we phased it out. He does ocassionally drink juice, but only from a regular cup at the table with a meal. I think having a sippy cup constantly available with juice all day long is bad for their teeth.

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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    On occasion we'll give the kids a splash of juice in their water.

    A nutritionist I saw at a conference last year said something I'll not soon forget:

    "EAT fruit - DRINK water"

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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    Not until after his 2nd birthday and even then the watered down version.

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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    I tried DS with very watered down apple juice, which he didn't like, at about 18 months. Not trying OJ as even the smallest amount of orange gives him burning diaper rash (I couldn't handle them when I was small either. The rest of the juices are just nasty IMO and he doesn't need them so why introduce.
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    Default Re: Juice - when and what?

    With Emma we waited until she was about 20 months. I'm sorry I did and will wait longer with Owen. She loves juice and hounds us for it all.the.time. She used to drink water great but now just wants juice. We give her a few ounces of diluted V8 Fusion in the morning and in the afternoon. And that's even more than I'd like. What happens when she drinks too much juice is she doesn't eat as well (she feels full from the juice in her tummy) so then she seems to crash - like gets really crabby and can't deal with life. So instead of eating 3 meals a day and 2 snacks it gets all messed up and we might be out when she gets hungry so she gets more of a snack instead of a meal and the nutritional aspect is lost. It's just not a good cycle. I'm working on cutting her down to just once a day actually.

    Found this link: http://pediatrics.about.com/cs/nutri...ruit_juice.htm

    They recommend no more than 4-6oz of 100% juice per day for children 1-6yrs.
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