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Thread: Rinse and store pump in fridge?

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    Default Rinse and store pump in fridge?

    I pump 2-3 times a day, and have been rinsing the parts and keeping them in the fridge for the next secession. At the end of the day I wash the parts in the dishwasher and sterilize them. Is that okay?

    Thanks ladies!

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    Default Re: Rinse and store pump in fridge?

    I put pump parts in a clean plastic bag between pumping sessions then hand wash at the end of the day. I rarely sterilize (unless I've been sick or pumping for donation).
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    Default Re: Rinse and store pump in fridge?

    I didn't even rinse them the majority of the time . Because the time pumping was less than the time milk is good at room temp. I washed at the ned of the day at home an sterilized Friday night.
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    I never rinsed mine in between, just put them in a baggie in the milk cooler until next session, I washed them at night when I got home. I'd rather BM sit in the pump than water, KWIM? I never sterilized my stuff either.
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