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Thread: milk left in cooler??

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    Default milk left in cooler??

    I pump at work three days a week and keep it in the fridge until I'm ready to go home. Well last night I put it in my insulated cooler (with ice packs) at around 8:00 and came home only to realize at 8:30 this morning I never transferred the bottles to the freezer. Can I still put them in the freezer? I'm panicking because I don't want to waste it.

    Thanks =)

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    I would say yes as long as the ice packs were cold and in the cooler. It's good at room temp for a few hours so with the ice packs I think it's fine. Smell it, you can tell if it's nasty, it'll smell like spoiled milk.
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    I fully understand! I've had the same situation, and I would say just to put that milk in the fridge instead of freezer.. I would not want to have milk left out (even cooL) to finally get frozen after all those hours- let that milk be served the very next day to help ensure freshness.
    I would say as a "double check" to have the server/provider sniff the milk (or you sniff it) -That is a simple way to know if the milk is fine or sour. (taste it if you want to be totally sure).

    Good luck!

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