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Thread: Whas in breast milk???

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    Question Whas in breast milk???

    Hi there everyone,

    I gota quedtion 4 u all breast feeding mommies. I have been breast feeding my baby since birth and she is 4 months old now. At 3 months and 3 weeks she was in the 75th percentile on heights and 50th percentile on weights.
    Thats is to say she is 24.5 inches tall and 14 pounds heavy.

    Doc says that she is growing taller than gaining weight. Otherwise all her milestones have been achieved and i have one active baby here. Trouble free and pretty smart for her age.

    My question is, does breast milk give fat??I mean does it help the baby get chubby??? I can see that it helps in brain development and obviously bone development as she is growing tall and slim. But why does breast milk being the far superior than formula does not get myaby chubby???
    Just for info: MY beast milk is really thick and it takes a real good wash to wash off the cream from the bottle sides!!! So what is wrong here???Iam confused

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    Default Re: Whas in breast milk???

    Every baby is different. You may notice that your baby will be putting on some "chunk" over the next couple months. I look back at pics of DS at 4mos and he has definitely developed some CUTE rolls since then. My DS is plenty chubby and has consistently been in the 95+ percentile for length and weight. Your BM is fine! Babies, like adult people, are all different shapes and sizes.

    This link tells the average fat/calorie content of human milk:

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    i agree with the pp...every baby is different...but my dd is just the same as your dd...at 4 months, she weighed 14lbs and wasw 24.5 inches long...so same percentiles.

    the hind milk is the "fatty" part of the milk, and it sounds like your baby is getting it since you're having to wash the excess off the sides of the bottle. i wouldn't worry if i were you.

    the following link may be of interest to you...it talks about the calories in mommy's milk!
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    Hi -- my son has been in the same percentiles since birth -- 75th in height, 50th on weight. My pediatrician is happy with his growth and my boy is happy, healthy, and very active. I've noticed that his "chubbiness" goes up and down -- sometimes I see the rolls on his chunky thighs, sometimes he seems to slim down again. He's now 9 months and looking slim, possibly because he's extremely active (crawling and pulling up). We just had a ped appointment and weight gain is steady. So don't worry, this is just what your baby is like! If your bm has lots of cream, then I'm sure he getting all he needs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2sarvagnya
    I mean does it help the baby get chubby??? I can see that it helps in brain development and obviously bone development as she is growing tall and slim. But why does breast milk being the far superior than formula does not get myaby chubby???
    Formula fed babies tend to be chubby because they are OVERFED, not because formula is better for them. Why is chubbiness always equated with attractiveness or healthiness in babies (rhetorical question )

    I am actually babysitting a one year old who is considered overweight to obese at 12 months (!) and it's because his parents would force him to finish a bottle because, like most formula feeding parents, they hated to throw out unused formula. Now, this child will have fat cells ready to store fat for the rest of his life, even if he slims down as an older child.

    Genetics also has a big role; some kids are genetically long and lean while others are more rounded.

    Conversely, a breastfed baby gets what he or she needs and no more, particularly when fed to satiety.

    Studies are showing that more and more children under the age of one are overweight. I think the most recent I read was at least one in ten. Sheesh.
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    Default Re: Whas in breast milk???

    You might like this recent article. At the end there's a chart listing protein/fat/carb percentages for human milk and other kinds of milk.

    What Makes Human Milk Special?


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