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Thread: Supplying enough??

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    Default Supplying enough??

    When I pump, which is about twice a day i'm only getting about 1/2 an ounce from each breast. This seems like entirely too small of an amount to me. Granted I solely BF most of the time, but pump just in case, and sometimes my breasts do get hard and a little engorged so it hurts at times. My son BF's very well, and a lot during the day. I only pump just in case hubby wants to feed our son during the evening hours, which helps tremendously with my sleep I take any help I can get from my hubby since he's returning to work on monday

    I just feel like i'm not getting enough from pumping, but know my son is getting enough when BFing.

    Should I pump more than twice a day to keep my supply up, or is my body still working on supply since my son is merely 16 days old??!?!??!! Any advice would be helpful!! Thanks ladies!!!
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    Default Re: Supplying enough??

    Sounds like you already know that pumping output is not a very good indication of how much milk your baby is getting. So that's not a worry!!

    I would suggest that especially during the first six weeks, you should not replace feeding at the breast with bottle feeds, even if the bottle contains your own bm. This is because your body is still adjusting to making milk and these first few weeks are critical for determining how much milk your body will make later on.

    Later, after milk supply is well established, if you want to replace some nursing sessions with bottles, probably you would be better off replacing daytime feeds, since your body makes more and fattier milk at night.

    As far as needing to pump, if your baby is a good (effective) nursling (sounds like he is), then you don't need to pump to maintain supply. In fact, some moms notice developing oversupply when they pump in addition to full-time nursing.

    But, if you want to pump to build up a supply for when you're away from your baby, here is a really helpful video to get more (better output):

    And here is some more info on pumping:

    And some ways Dad can help other than bottlefeeding:

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