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Thread: Pacifiers! Please Help!

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    My dd uses the Nuk Silicone pacis as well. She would nurse to sleep and then, when I could tell she was just "sleep sucking" I would unlatch her and pop the paci in to make the transition to lay her down to sleep. I only give her one during the day if I know she's not hungry (i.e. just nursed) and she's fussing. And of course in the carseat, where for the first 3 months, she always seemed to be fussy. Babies just need to suck, even when they're not hungry, so if a paci helps to soothe them, I'm all for it.

    (that last line was more for my MIL and BIL who are both rather anti-paci people and of the CIO school of thought)

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    my son loves the Playtex orthodontic ones...i refused to give him for the first 2 weeks..was afraid of nipple confusion but gave in after that b/c i was not getting any sleep. even with the pacifier, for the first 8 weeks, he was attached to my boobs!!! it seemed like i was feeding him on the hour every hour and he refused to sleep when he was laid down. i read every sleep book there is but one day around the 8th week, he went to sleep on his own in the crib or bassinet. don't worry and be patient. i'm a first-time mom and i had to find things out as i shuffle along.

    good luck!

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    If you want to hold off on the pacifiers a little bit longer, your LO will be able to self-soother. Around 2.5 months, my DS found that chewing on his tongue was a good way to soothe... and he always has his tongue! He tries sucking his fist, when he can find it, but the tongue-thing is great. I imagine in the next 2-4 weeks, your LO will also find a way to self-soothe, if that interests you.

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