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Thread: Pediatric News - complementary feeding

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    Default Pediatric News - complementary feeding

    Came across this and thought I'd share. It seems changes are underway for what the AAP will recommend for first foods.

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    Default Re: Pediatric News - complementary feeding

    well, that certainly makes me feel good about what we've been feeding DS. he had the rice cereal twice and then we switched to bananas and sweet potatoes, and he was much happier and much more interested!
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    Very interesting!

    The article you posted references this one: http://journals.lww.com/jpgn/Fulltex...SPGHAN.21.aspx I found it an interesting complement.
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    Thanks for that! I have a 9 month appointment next week and will be printing that out. We have no pediatrician here, we have a nurse practioner at one place and a doctor at another both of whom strongly push rice cereal AND the allergy food introduction thing (or lack thereof)...
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    Default Re: Pediatric News - complementary feeding

    I thought this was interesting:


    Point of the article: '"In our study the risk of overweight at age 42 years was reduced by 5 percent to 10 percent for each month introduction of complementary foods was delayed," Michaelsen explained.'

    Haven't looked up the original article, although I keep meaning to....

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    Default Re: Pediatric News - complementary feeding

    Loved the article. I fed my son rice cereal and he gagged he whole time so we are not bothering with it anymore and he is loving his pumpin, bananas and carrots (we just started last week).
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    Default Re: Pediatric News - complementary feeding

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