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Thread: excessive pumping and oversupply

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    Default excessive pumping and oversupply

    Hi. I found this site through a google search and I think it will be a lifesaver. I have a problem that isn't quite textbook so I can't find an exact solution through a forum search...

    I have a 10 day old who I have been nursing on demand (I think that's what you'd call it) about every 3 hours. Well, I wanted to pump and store up some milk in the freezer for when I return to work or for when dad wants to feed her a bottle during the 2am feeding so I can sleep. I bought an electric pump and --having no idea what I was doing-- started pumping on the breast she wasn't nursing on. And I did it EVERY time she nursed. I would get 2-4 ounces each time. So about 8-10 times a day I have been pumping, plus nursing her! I now know that this was crazy and want to wean from pumping, but continue to exclusively nurse. My breasts are huge, lumpy, swollen, and terribly sore. They have been pouring like the Hoover dam as well. Please help me!!!

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    Can you taper back on your pumping sessions?

    Only pump the other side for comfort and then drop most of those pumping sessions?

    Do it gradually and your supply should regulate to make less.

    Don't cold turkey stop pumping or you'll run into problems with clogged ducts.
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    Default Re: excessive pumping and oversupply

    with the pp. Do it gradually! If your breasts respond like mine to an increase request by deploying the whole army it might take a little time, but eventually your supply will adjust to the decrease in demand.

    If you need a little relief between sessions too, you can also hand express just enough for comfort.
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    Default Re: excessive pumping and oversupply

    Go slow! Try to drop one pumping session, wait a day or two, and then drop another. If you are unbearably uncomfortable, express just enough to make yourself comfortable, but try not to fully empty the breast.

    Engorgement- definitely try the cabbage leaf trick mentioned in this link!

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    Thank you for all the replies!! My husband brought home cabbage late last night for me (that's something I never thought I'd be wearing!!) That does take out the sting a bit!

    I will take it nice and slow and gradually. I have eliminated a couple of pumping sessions so far and have been doing block feeding...I don't feel engorged today like yesterday so maybe something's gonna give.

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