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Thread: Using the let down button

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    Default Using the let down button

    When trying to build my milk supply for my twins the lactation consultant recommended using the let down button on my Medela PIS about 7 minutes into my pumping session. My twins are now 3 months old and I have a more than apple supply of milk for them. I am returning to work soon and will be pumping on a more regular basis. Is it still necessary to use the let down button half way through my pumping session or can I just pump straight through?

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    Default Re: Using the let down button

    You can pump straight through if you want. If you find you aren't pumping enough to get them through the day without you, you might want to use it. Feel it out and see how it goes.
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    I don't remember the PIS having the let down button. Are you sure you have it? I know the PISA uses the advanced technology and "mimics" the baby's initial speed to get a let down. It worked for me about 60% of the time.

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