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Thread: Book suggestions for solid-food ref?

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    Default Book suggestions for solid-food ref?

    I'm looing for a book that is a good source of info about solids--meaning listing what are good foods to feed at certain stages--and how to feed them--and what foods to avoid (for allergies, etc). I know most of this info is online (which is where I have been finding all my answers), but it would be nice to not always have to get on my computer to check. And since there are TONS of books out there, I'd love any suggestions of books you love. I'd check them out first at the library and see if I like them, so I'm open to any suggestions!


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    Default Re: Book suggestions for solid-food ref?

    I like dr sears nutrition book but its more about feeding families
    and not introducing solids.

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    Default Re: Book suggestions for solid-food ref?

    Connie Linardakis's Homemade Baby Food Pure and Simple is a book I own and like.
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    Default Re: Book suggestions for solid-food ref?

    I haven't read her book, but I loved this method of introducing solids.
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    Default Re: Book suggestions for solid-food ref?

    I got one of the ".... for dummies" books about feeding babies. It was something like "feeding Solids for dummies" I found it at Barnes and Nobles. It was your very basic, feed this at this time, feed this at this time etc. I liked it. Quick easy read. I also bought one of Ann Karmel ( I think that is her name) books. That one was a little more "gourmet" but helped me come up with good flavor combinations rather than just one fruit/veggie at a time.

    ETA: looked it up: Anabel Karmel, Top 100 Baby Purees

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