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Thread: Help! Baby won't wake up to nurse

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    I'm really starting to worry. My 4w DD still doesn't wake up to eat. She doesn't seem to know when she's hungry. I've been waking her up every 3 hours to eat during the day and letting her go longer at night, but she still doesn't seem to get hungry. She is gaining weight, has her poops and pees, but it's really hard to get her to eat (tends to take 45 minutes-1 hour to get 10-20 good minutes of eating). Is something wrong? Is she just sleepy? I don't know what to do!

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    Sounds like you're doing just what you should be doing. Some babies take a little longer to wake up than others. And some are just particularly non-demanding, in which it's a good thing when mom takes the lead and wakes the baby to nurse.

    That being said, are you taking any medications? Sometimes that can cause a baby to be sleepier than normal. But if you're not, I'm guessing you just have a mellow little lady who would rather nap than nurse.

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    Nope, no meds. I just get worried that she's not getting enough. Occasionally (as in, 3-4 times since birth) she's eaten for 45 minutes-1 hour, which makes me wonder if these little feedings are really enough.

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    From everything I've read, sounds perfectly normal! I know everytime something goes wrong, I freak out that my LO isn't getting enough. So when in doubt, monitor his diaper count and make sure she's gaining weight at her check ups--that's all you can do! Other than that, she's perfectly healthy!

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    my problem is getting my son to sleep between nursing times. Good luck to you, and hope it gets better!!! My son is 11 days old, and won't sleep for the life of me. Good luck again, hope it gets easier for you!
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