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Thread: Pumping at a late stage for weaning?

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    Question Pumping at a late stage for weaning?

    My (2nd) child is 4 and a half months, and I have it in my mind that soon we'll be moving on to solids (I'm trying to postpone it as long as possible but we're up several times each night now and I'm growing weary...). Although I expressed occasionally with my first child, I've not expressed at all this time around (I am exclusively b/feeding).

    My baby now tends to take from both breasts at a feed, and feeds very often, only stretching max. 3 hours. From time to time, however, she will not feed well from one side, and may only take a good feed once or twice in the day from that side.

    I would like to try expressing for the purpose of storing it for use with mixing with first solids, but I am nervous that it will affect how much milk my baby gets to begin with, particularly as I am very tired as it is with regular night feedings.

    Any advice for how to express under these circumstances, whilst still leaving a plentiful supply for my daughter? I also have a toddler, so I don't have a lot of time to express in, and ideally would prefer to express at one feed per day whilst feeding her on the other side.


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    Default Re: Pumping at a late stage for weaning?

    I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but solids don't seem to make babies sleep longer at night. (If they did, we'd all be doing it, trust me! ) Instead of caving in to solids before signs of readiness show up, I personally would try to gently alter the baby's sleep habits. I really liked Elizabeth Pantley's book The No-Cry Sleep Solution- it's very BF-friendly and knowledgable.

    My baby now tends to take from both breasts at a feed, and feeds very often, only stretching max. 3 hours.
    That actually doesn't sound "very often" to me, since many breastfed babies feed a lot more frequently that every 3 hours at only 4 months. If your LO often going 3 hours during the day? If so, you might want to encourage her to nurse more during the day, so that she doesn't need to feed as often at night.

    But if you read all this and you're still thinking that solids is the way you want to go, I would try pumping after your baby's first feeding of the morning. Morning is often when moms find they have the most milk to spare. If that didn't yield enough milk, I would start pumping immediately after nursing throughout the day. At first you might only get a small amount of milk, but if you keep it up, your body will eventually respond to the increased demand by producing more.

    Don't worry that pumping will "steal" milk from the next feeding. If it happens that you pump right before your LO wants to nurse again, and you're fairly empty when she nurses, it's still going to be okay because the breast is never entirely empty. Milk is always being made, even as it is removed. Your baby may have one feed where the milk isn't flowing as fast or abundantly as she would like, and she may want to feed again soon after, but she won't be sucking on a dry breast.

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