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Thread: Feeding, pumping, and sore nipples

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    Exclamation Feeding, pumping, and sore nipples

    I'm still going full steam ahead with the all weekend supply increasing breast-feeding and it's getting better but now I'm suffering from extreme pain in my right nipple while feeding my son. Is there anyway to help with the pain? Feeding him on that side is starting to get so painful that I don't know if I can keep doing it. My left nipple is fine, not sore at all and iv made sure to use each breast as evenly as possible. Any advise would be much appreciated!

    My second issue is pumping. I know how to pump but now that I'm only breast feeding and no longer supplementing with formula what is the best way to incorporate pumping?? Do I pump each side after he feeds? I need to start storing a milk supply so that I can leave him with my husband to go to the store, etc. Please help!!

    Third issue I have noticed my feeding time has decreased in time but now iv noticed once I put him down after he falls asleep and un latchs he is up no more than 20-30 minutes later hungry again. What should I do? I barley slept last night or at all today and I'm exhausted. Any recommendations would be great!
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    Default Re: Feeding, pumping, and sore nipples

    Please help! I'm desperate for answers!

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    Sorry about the pain, Mama! Can you describe it more? Is it a stabbing pain or a burning or itching sensation? Do you notice any skin changes on that side? How's the baby's latch on that side?

    Some possible causes of pain:

    Regarding pumping- I know you just got the baby fully onto the breast, so maybe you want to give bottles and pumps a break for now? Just focus on mastering nursing? Anyhow, when it's time to pump, how you pump depends on what your goals are. If you're home with baby and only want to pump the occasional bottle, I'd start by pumping 1x per day, perhaps in the morning when most moms have the most milk. If you need to go back to work, I'd start the same way, but consider adding in some additional sessions as time goes on, in order to build a freezer stash.

    Regarding feeding time, I suggest doing the following:
    1. Watch baby's diaper output. You just stopped supplementing, so now is a good time to be cautious about baby's milk intake.
    2. If diaper output is normal, then what you're experiencing is probably just a growth spurt. But try to keep the baby alert and active at the breast by switching sides, frequent burping, and breast compressions. That may buy you a fuller baby who sleeps longer.
    3. Co-sleep: http://babyparenting.about.com/od/sl.../a/cosleep.htm

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    Default Re: Feeding, pumping, and sore nipples

    At this point the pain has diminished significantly, I guess I just needed to get use to breast feeding him without the break I use to get when I supplemented with the bottle.

    Last night I was able to get some sleep, we are up about every two hours feeding but it's better than every thirty minutes. I'm just concerned that it will turn into that again today. I had him sleep in bed with me which helped a lot with being able to sleep more. I have my fingers crossed that we don't revert back to what happened yesterday.

    Thank you for the web links they were very helpful, now let's hope today is better than yesterday and that it keeps getting better!

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    Default Re: Feeding, pumping, and sore nipples

    Hey! It's Jen-

    Just jumping on here so that you can get my screen name if you need to IM me.

    I read your first post and you did get some great advice. There are so many informed mamas on here, good that you are on this forum!!

    Glad to hear that your sore nipple corrected itself. One thing is to make sure that you have a really deep latch every time he latches on. The further back in his mouth your nipple is, the more areola that he has in his mouth the better. If he slips forward just unlatch and relatch. This is good for making sure that the tip of your nipple isn't getting compressed (will look like a new lipstick when you unlatch if this is happening) and also the further back on your areola he is the more milk ducts are compressed, the more milk will be expressed and the more he'll be able to eat therefore the more you will make. So latch is a really important piece in this whole cycle.

    Hope you are getting the rest you need, always try to sleep when your baby sleeps, even the resting and cat naps during the day will add up to a more rested momma!
    Jen - mom to 3
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    I survived 10 painful mastitis infections and managed to nurse DS1 till he was 3 years and 7 months
    and now DS2 4 years now working on gentle weaning and

    "Pride is one of the seven deadly sins; but it can not be the pride of a mother in her children, for that is a compound of two cardinal virtues - faith and hope." Charles Dickens

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