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Thread: help needed with slow weight gain.....

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    Default help needed with slow weight gain.....

    Hi, I am hoping you can give me some direction and advice with my new little one. We have been on a pretty tough journey from the start so let me give you all the details.....
    Hannah Grace was born at 36 weeks at home and a water birth.......which was awesome and went perfectly! No issues there......she nursed immed following birth...latched on like a pro and all seemed great!
    2/27 birth weight 7 lbs. 6 ozs. 19 1/1 inches long
    2/28 24 hr. weight check 6 lbs. 7 ozs.
    3/5 6 lb.s 6 ozs.
    at this point we had to enter the hospital for her to be under the lights for a high bili level. We came out of the hospital on the 7th with her levels down and her weight at 6 lbs. 8 ozs. They let me breast feed her and then had me supplement with formula while in the hosp. because they wanted her to stay under the lights......I protested this because she was nursing so well and did not want to mess that up.......
    3/18 6 lbs 6 ozs. 20 inches long and we ended up back in the hosp for really high bili level again. This time at the childrens hosp where they ran every test.....urine, kidney, blood work all of which came back fine..... she was under the lights for 3 days and they made me pump to feed her and also supplement with formula so she could stay under the lights. When I pumped I was getting around 2 ozs. a breast. We left the hosp on 21st.
    3/21 6 lbs. 12 0zs.
    3/28 6 lbs 12 ozs. 21 inches
    At this time ped sends us to a ped GI specialist.........because of no weight gain
    3/30 6lbs. 12 ozs. Specialist says to track feedings and keep track of how often and how long she nurses for a week.
    she nurses every hour.......to 2 hours and for about 10-20 minutes a side. I always let her demand feed and we co sleep as well.
    4/6 6 lbs 12 ozs. Now the Spec says pump then feed her so we see what she is intaking. She wants her to have between 12-15 ozs a day.
    I am able to pump between 15 and 18 ozs. a day.......she is eating closer to 18 ozs. a day. I only pump for 2 days since I know she is getting enough and we both would rather breastfeed........
    4/12 appt. with midwife and we weigh her at 7 lbs. 5ozs.
    4/18 7 lbs 6 ozs at appt with Spec. now she just wants to watch her closely. She believes it is an intake problem?
    4/27 2 month check up......7 lbs. 9 ozs. 21 1/2 inches
    Her head and length growth have been fine.......she is a great nurser....she is also my 8th baby and after nursing all of them I would think I could tell if she was not nursing well. My milk supply seems fine since I was able to pump 2-4 ozs a breast when she had me pumping........every diaper is wet and she poops 2-3 times a week...(my other son was like this as well)
    We see the spec again in 2 weeks.......I am just so frustrated with not knowing why she is not gaining well.....I do not want to supplement......I know bm is best.
    My instinct is telling me she had a rough start with the jaundice and since she is now slowly gaining she is fine but the Spec does not seem happy with that. My ped is pro breast and so seems happy to let me keep BF and keep a close watch on her gain.
    Any advice or ideas? I am tempted to go to a lactation consultant before my next Spec visit so she can watch Hannah nurse and maybe give me some advice. The only problem is the closest one is an hour away.
    So I am hoping you might be able to help me......or at least ease my fears...
    Developmentally she is right on track.....and a very happy normal baby.
    Sorry this got so long but I just wanted to give you as much info as possible.

    Thanks for any advice you can give!!


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    Default Re: help needed with slow weight gain.....

    Between 4/12 and 4/18, a time when it seemed weight gain slowed again, were you continuing pumping/bottle feeding or did you return to breastfeeding?

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    Default Re: help needed with slow weight gain.....

    I was breast feeding......

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    Default Re: help needed with slow weight gain.....

    its errie how simular our stories are (almost exact) So I just wanted to give you my support & . My DS is 12weeks(#5) and we are almost off supps. IMHO I think you know your LO best and whats best for her! It sounds like she may just be one that gains slower (mine too) As I look back on everything I was *MADE* to do(supps) I truly believe some of it caused more probs (low supply) and I wish I would of had the confidence I have now (and my now BFing friendly dr) At least you do have that So anyway just know your not alone. Diapers are good, milestones met, groth in other areas... sonds good! BTW how many different scales was your LO weighed on??? That was one of our probs at first TOO MANY! I now insist on the same one everytime.

    Im sending you my hope things get better

    Im Jenn
    Mamma To:
    Kelsey BF 3 months
    Kenneth BF 3 months
    Blaze BF 3.5 years (tandem)
    Bristol BF 3.5 years (tandem)
    Raiden BF 15months & counting


    In need of some


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    Default Re: help needed with slow weight gain.....

    Have you done the weugh-nurse-weigh thing with your LC to see how many ounces she gets in a nursing session?

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    Default Re: help needed with slow weight gain.....

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*eves.warmfeet View Post
    Have you done the weugh-nurse-weigh thing with your LC to see how many ounces she gets in a nursing session?
    Just what I was going to suggest. Rent a professional scale for a week or so, and do weigh-feed-weigh measurements on the baby for every feeding for several days. That way you end up with a very accurate record of how much baby is actually eating. I strongly recommend doing several days worth of measurements because there can be a lot of variability from feeding to feeding, and if you just take one measurement you may not get a very accurate representation of actual intake.

    Have you looked into the possibility of acid reflux as a cause of slow gain? Sometimes babies who hurt a lot don't eat a lot.

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    Default Re: help needed with slow weight gain.....

    thanks ladies for all you support.....I have not done a weigh, nurse, weigh as I do not have a lactation cosultant yet......where would I be able to rent a scale?

    Thanks again!

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