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Thread: EPing- how much does he need?

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    Default EPing- how much does he need?

    So my milk supply is steadily increasing (except for a forgotten dose of domperidone that affected today) and I am really confused about what to do regarding how much.

    I looked on the kellymom site, but I want to know- is the amount of breastmilk needed comparable to the amount of formula? I know breastmilk changes, but if I only used to make 1-2 bottles a day, wouldn't the "older" milk be delayed? Is there a calculator for babies who get both?

    He is 6 mos and (guesstimate) 16 lbs. He drinks 8-9 4 oz bottles a day. at least 4 with breastmilk. Sometimes 5.

    Would he need more breastmilk because it digests faster?

    What about demand feeding? Is it better to try and "stretch" the breastmilk, or give him more formula?

    I'm at about 18-20 oz. I get really stressed when he gets more bottles because I just think of the fact that thats four more ounces I need to work towards.

    Basically I'm trying to ease some of my "milk anxiety"

    And any more tips of reading cues when he wants to put everything in his mouth? I know this is like the core of attachment parenting, but sometimes it's really hard to do. when I need him to play by himself sometimes while I work on schoolwork.

    Thanks guys. I've been stressed out, so I thought more information = more power. Fingers crossed in a couple of months, he'll be on all breastmilk, even if it's from a bottle.

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    Default Re: EPing- how much does he need?

    Hey, FYI there is an EP'ers forum on here too in the pumping section

    BM is not like formula. You do not have to increase the amount you give as the baby grows. 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour is the average for a BM fed baby. Hope that helps with some of your questions
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    Default Re: EPing- how much does he need?

    Thanks I'm sorry, I was in a rush and didn't go to the right forum.

    That is helpful. . .so that seems about right. 24-36 oz.

    Combination feeding is a little confusing and I just want to make sure it is right.

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    Default Re: EPing- how much does he need?

    You know, there are some charts in the back of the Nursing Mother's Companion (can I mention that on here???) that give the number of ounces you can expect your baby to eat based on his weight and the number of times a day he eats. It might be helpful for a guideline-- maybe you could browse a copy at a local bookstore? My guess is that it boils down to the same recommendation. I'm not sure if it gives a "mixed" feeding recommendation though. My LO gives me a hard stare when she is hungry (she is almost 6 months old). She will not take her eyes off of me. That's my major cue.

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    Default Re: EPing- how much does he need?

    None of my other babies, when I would leave them with a sitter and some milk in a cup or bottle, have ever taken more than 1 to 1.5 oz per hour that I was away, no matter how old they were at the time. That's the guideline I'm using with this kid too. He takes a little more than that, more like 2 oz per hour, but that's OK. He works harder to eat than the other babies did, and he works harder than even a bottlefed baby to get the milk out of his feeder, so a little more is probably good for him.

    So don't stress it. If you are getting 20 oz, that's a little more than half of what he probably needs per day. And that's good!

    You are also coming up on a time when you can start adding in some solids, and while BM or formula should be the primary source of nutrition for the first year, I've found that adding in some solids has usually resulted in my kids nursing a little less often during the day. Start reading up on baby led solids, and you might find that helpful when he's ready for those.
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