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Thread: peanut butter?

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    Default peanut butter?

    I've heard such mixed advice, can babies have peanut butter and not increase their chances of allergies? I know you have to be careful of them choking, but spread thin on bread- is that ok? My LO is just about to turn 11 months old and only has 2 bottom teeth. What do you think ladies?

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    I have always waited on peanut butter until way after a year.. I was always told their reaction if they have one can be really bad. Since I know how scared I get ( I am allergic to shellfish.. I can feel the reaction way before it kicks into shock for me..So I like my kids to be old enough to communicate to me.. This chart is from KellyMom.com
    Here are some recommended ages for introducing some of the more allergenic foods. If there is a strong family history of allergies or if your baby is known to have food allergies (see below), many of these foods should be introduced even later.

    Suggested ages for introducing allergenic foods
    (for babies who are not at increased risk for food allergies)
    NO solids (this includes cereal) or juices 0-6 months
    Oranges and other citrus
    Peas and other legumes (except peanuts)
    Egg yolk
    Corn 9-12 months
    Cow's milk (including cottage cheese, ice cream)
    Tomatoes 12 - 18 months
    Egg whites
    Berries 18 - 24 months
    Chocolate 2 years
    Fish & seafood
    Nuts (except peanuts) 2 - 3 years
    Peanuts 3 years
    Prevention of Allergies and Asthma in Children from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
    Food Reactions from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
    Preventing or Delaying the Onset of Food Allergies in Infants by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network
    Preventing Allergies in Infancy and Childhood from Allergy New Zealand
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    Default Re: peanut butter?

    from what i've read, introducing allergenic foods early does not *increase* their chances of having allergies. it's just really scary for a baby too young to tell you what is wrong to have an allergic reaction, and allergic reactions to things like peanut butter *can* be deadly.

    i read an article tonight about how it may not be necessary to wait until 1 year to introduce allergenic foods -- i'll have to see if i can re-find the link.

    do you have allergies? has your child had allergic reaction (even mild ones like slight diahrrea, fussiness, or poor sleeping) to any other foods? if not, then your child may be at low risk for allergies, and it *might* be ok, but i would consult your pedi first.
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    Default Re: peanut butter?

    Our Doctor told us we *could* do PB after one, but also told us that if we wanted to wait that was fine. We don't have any allergies, so I tried a little bit around 14 months or so, she did fine, and she loves it. My mom thinks I'm nuts though because she thinks she shouldn't have it until 3 or 5 or something like that.
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    Default Re: peanut butter?

    I have a history of peanut and tree nut allergies so we are waiting much longer to introduce them.
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    Default Re: peanut butter?

    I introduced that one at around 2 yrs old (we have no history of peanut allergies). However, I gave it to her right before we walked into the ped's office for her two year well check - just in case! That was first kid. Second kid, she got into it at around 1.5 yrs or so (thanks to older sister). She, too, was fine. Good luck!

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    I nor my husband have no food allergies. My LO was tested for common allergies as a preventive measure and has no allergies according to this test. I think I'll wait till 1yr then and what a great idea- give it to her before our ped visit!!! Brilliant

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    Default Re: peanut butter?

    We did almond butter, it is one of her favorites. I am using an organic brand with no added anything... I didn't see tree nuts on the list, but I don't know much about this sort of thing. My girl is rather light so we were using the almond butter as a nice fat source for her.
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