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Thread: Need help with pumping...

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    Default Need help with pumping...

    Hi all... I am back to work and really struggling to pump enough for my 8-week-old DD. I'm hoping you all have some suggestions.

    I am out of the house for about 6.5 hours 5 days a week - 4 hours work and 1.5 hours commute. I pump twice at work (PISA) for a total of around 5-6 ounces. She takes three bottles while I'm gone. We're still working on how much she needs; I've been leaving two 2.5 ounce bottles and 1 three ounce bottle, but I think that may not be quite enough. To make up the difference I pump right after her two night feedings, getting about an ounce each time, which gets me pretty much exactly there, but it's pretty nerve racking to always just barely have enough for the next day! I'm taking fenugreek and blessed thistle, drinking mother's milk tea, and eating oatmeal (not as much/regularly as I could, but I'm trying...)

    She usually sleeps one 4-hour stretch in the night, so I *could* get up then and pump -- but sometimes she only sleeps three hours, and I would regret the loss of sleep (with the two pumping sessions after night feedings, I'm getting 4-5 hours sleep max at night).

    I guess what I'm hoping for is some ideas about when I could pump that I'm not thinking of. I'm curious about pumping in the car -- how do y'all manage that? I have a hands-free set up, but I park in a really public parking lot so I'm not sure how I'd un-hook myself. I'm also stumped about when I can pump during the day when I'm home. She doesn't take long naps, and always takes both breasts at a feeding, so I'm hesitant to pump one and give her the other, but maybe that's more of an option than I think?

    I know I need to pump more often to get more production -- I just can't figure out when! I'm still so unorganized and frazzled; I rarely find time to take a shower or eat the way I should, even though DH and MIL are helping a lot. Why can't I get it together?

    Sorry so long...

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    Default Re: Need help with pumping...

    If you are able to put her down after she nurses, you could try and pump both breasts for anywhere from 10-20 min. (whatever time you have) You may not get anything at first, but if you make this a normality, it'll continue stimulating your body into producing more. So you're on the right track, stay hydrated, try to drink 24 oz water while you are nursing, and constantly throughout the day.

    As for "un-hooking" yourself once you get to work, if you wear a hooter hider or even a backwards button down shirt/zipper hoodie, you should be able to do your business w/o anyone seeing. Or you could even stop in a more secluded lot close to your work and do it, so you don't risk showing your coworkers everything ya got

    On the days that your home, def pump after your morning nursing session.. you generally get the most first thing in the morning. I still pump in the am for 10 min or so (before I feed, if he slept a long stretch b/c i'm usually *full*). That's how i started my stock before I went back to work, i just pumped once a day (am) for 8 weeks and before I knew it I had almost 400 oz and I hadn't even gone back to work yet!

    Dont get discouraged, that's what we're here for! I hope you guys find your rhythm soon!
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    Default Re: Need help with pumping...

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    Pump in the car mama. Get a hands free bustier and hooter hider. You will make so much milk on your commute. You can do it.

    The general rule is 1-1.5 oz per hour you are gone. If your LO sleeps all night the higher amount is more likely. If your LO is nursing at night the lower amount.
    I pumped in the car this way for 12 months. It gave me an additional session. Also make sure that your parts are new and clean for the best suction.

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    Default Re: Need help with pumping...

    Here are some helpful hints:
    • As my DD got older and more awake, I would put my DD in her bouncer or swing and use my foot to rock her while I pumped.
    • I would put my DD in her jumperoo while I pumped (only once per day).
    • I would call my mom to come by during my pumping times to help me out.
    • I bought a car adapter plug to pump in the car and plenty of batteres for the airport, plane, etc. I used a turtle shell nursing wrap and it was big enough to hide everything! No one really noticed!
    Good luck!

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