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    I am attending cosmetology classes, thus forced to pump during my 13 hour days of school. I do this 3 consecutive days a week. when my son was in nicu, born at 28 wks ges, i used a hosptal grade pump and produced more than nesscery for him, so I stored the rest. When I returned to school, my husband used this milk to feed our son, but the frezzer is now empty. What I pump at school is not enough to keep our little one satisfied, so my husband has to give him formula in the afternoon. At school, I drink plenty of water, snack all day long, and started pumping every 2hrs instead of 3, but still only get 1-1 1/2ounces a pumping session. On off days, I nurse whenever he wants. It takes about a day to produced what he needs. I need suggestions on how to make enough milk during those long school days, please. Oh and I only need 2 more weeks to graduate, but still worried about my supply.

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    Is it possible your pump's suction is not working well enough to empty out your breasts? I think emptying your breasts each time is key.
    How long do you usually pump? Are you able to go a few mins past your second let down?
    I think oaymeal has helped boost my supply, but just a bit. Some mom's also have luck with taking fenugreek.
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    Yeah, maybe get your pump suction checked. Try to relax when you pump even though it's hard. I really hope your supply goes up soon. Maybe try eating brown rice, sounds weird but I think it helped me.
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    about the suction but you are actually getting the average pumping output. you can rent hospital grade pumps and may have to look into that.

    is there any possibility that you dh is overfeeding lo? like assuming any fussyness is a hunger cue?


    check out this link

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