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Thread: Extra Foremilk??

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    Exclamation Extra Foremilk??

    I have searched high and low for an answer to my question, all to no avail--so I thought to ask here!

    I routinely express between 1-3 oz. of foremilk before some feedings (because of OALD/OS/colic issues). While I am hoping my supply stabilizes soon, it's what I have to do! I don't feel I should give it to LO w/o having the fattier hindmilk as well?

    What do I do with all this bottled FOREMILK? What do you ladies do with it?

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    You could use it to make your own baby food, like when you puree it, or use it to prepare cereal. You could also contact the milk bank in your area and donate it, any number of things!! This is a really good little sheet of info on correcting the imbalance. . .
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    with pp, you should save it to mix with cereals, purees, etc so you don't have to thin out with cooking water like a certain other mama I might know ... ahem, me.
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