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    I just started pumping to establish a supply for emergencies and maybe a few bottles for my hubby to use over the weekends. My little one is 6 weeks old and has been gaining a good amount of weight. I just wanted to see if what I'm doing is bad: So what I have been doing is over night, I nurse my little only on one side for 2 feedings. Then in the morning, I pump that breast that have missed feedings while feeding her. I get a little over 4 oz. Is this method bad for my supply and my little one? Is she getting enough from that one breast? Thanks in advance for advice with this!

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    hello! congrats on your little one!
    what I think might happen is that if you do this every night on the same side (say feeding always on left side and expressing on right in the morning), the supply on the expressed side may be reduced, and you may also risk a blocked duct on that side if it gets engorged overnight.
    What some mothers do is express after feeding during the day, or express on one side while you nurse on the other, especially during the morning when you're likely to get a better output.
    I'm sure others with more experience with pumping will come with more ideas.

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    basically your one side is getting one less emptying per day, could it lead to reduced supply? Maybe. Is your LO falling asleep during the one side feeding? Has her diaper output changed at all?

    Is she sleeping for a predictable span of like 4 hours at all? If so maybe a better idea would be to pump about 1 1/2 hours after she goes to sleep, a full session on both breasts, the you could feed on demand the remainder of the day and night. Or you could pump both sides after several sessions per day which will yield slow results but not decrease supply.

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