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Thread: Bottle Warmer Recommendations

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    Default Bottle Warmer Recommendations

    I didn't know where to post this so I decided to put it here. I'm looking for some recommendations for a good bottle warmer for my pumped breastmilk. DS has been getting up 1-2 times a night to eat and I'm looking for a warmer so DH to give him a bottle while I get some sleep. Thanks.
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    putting it in a tub of warm water is the only good way I have learned. I had the Avent one and it was unpredictable.

    BTW- you still need to pump when baby wakes up at night if you aren't going to nurse so as not to miss a feeding and decrease supply

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    I agree with Jenna, just use a bowl or large cup of warm water. That is what dh did with my boys, much more reliable - and safer.

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    Yep, we skipped the bottle warmer too. I would just run warm/hot water in the kitchen sink and fill up a pitcher of water, then put the bottle down in the pitcher. Works great!
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    I tried using warm water but never could hit a temperature my twins were happy with. I ended up getting a bottle warmer by Munshkins. It works great and is easy to use. I had the First years Day and Night bottle warmer and hated it. I found it difficult to measure the water and had very poor instructions.

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    if youre going to be doing bottles often. A small crock pot full of water turned on low works wonderfully other than that I just fill a 2 c. measuring cup with HOT water and stick the bottle in there refilling the hot water as needed

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    I purchased the Cuisinart electric tea kettle and it has helped keep me and my DH sane since I EP and all my DD gets is bottles. She insists on BM being warm (gee, I wonder why?). We've got it down to a science. The bottle comes out of the fridge, the tea kettle goes on. Within two minutes the water is hot. I place the bottle in a Sterling Silver carafe with the hot water and time the bottle with the microwave timer for two and half minutes. When the timer goes off, it's the perfect temperature my DD loves. She's eating in less than five minutes! That's the best $$ I've spent on bottle warming and the tea kettle is great for tea too!

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    I just used warm water, but the key was to heat in bags not the bottle. That way you can squish and swirl it to make sure it's heating evenly and the walls of the bags aren't as thick.
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