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Thread: Supply issue?

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    I have had a terrible time trying to breastfeed my 5 wk old DS. At 6 days old he was jaundiced. The pediatrician told me to supplement with formula after breastfeeding. DS loved the ease of the bottle and refused to breastfeed. No one told me to pump until day 11 when the LC at the hospital gave me a generic hand pump. By then my supply had dimished to nearly nothing. Day 1 of pumping, I pumped about 2oz the entire day. I rented a pump until my PISA arrived. I have been pumping religiously every 2-3 hours. I am taking Reglan and Blessed Thistle. The LC recommended I start fenugreek on Friday. I have been taking 2 capsules 4 times a day since Saturday afternoon. I have the "maple syrup" smell so I know I am taking enough but my supply hasn't increased yet. How long does it usually take to notice an increase? Is it a small or large increase? When I started the blessed thistle my supply increased from 1 oz to 1 1/2oz per pumping. I haven't noticed any difference since starting the fenugreek.

    The LC said the goal is 24-30 oz per day All the information I can find says this is the goal for moms who pump exclusively from the beginning. What is a realistic goal for a mom who is relactating or increasing supply. Right now I can pump 14-16oz per day. I know this is great but I would like to quit supplementing with formula. DS eats about 24 oz per day. He hates the formula and loves breastmilk so it breaks my heart knowing I can't provide breastmilk for all his needs


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    No you can do it!!! Hopefully more people will weigh in here but there have been a couple people here who have completely relactated. So you well on your way! keep up the good work and maybe everyday before the baby gets so hungry he's mad or frusterated you could try putting him on the breast? The baby will always be a way better extracter than the pump. If you get him to the breast everyday maybe at some point you could actually get him back to the breast? Or do you think that's too much to ask?

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