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Thread: Going away for 3 days in June

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    Default Going away for 3 days in June

    Going away without my little one in June...will pump enough for him to eat while I am gone and will pump while away. I am really nervous and not looking forward to it. DH is in a wedding and DS is not welcome for wedding events and we can't afford to bring a sitter. He will be 10 months old when we have to go. Has anyone had to do this? Any advice would be really appreciated!

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    Default Re: Going away for 3 days in June

    Kudos to you for thinking about this so far in advance! I hope you get lots of suggestions.

    Wondering...Is your ds not welcome at anytime other than the wedding event? Will other family be there? Perhaps it would be possible to have some other trusted friend or family member take care of your ds while you're at the wedding/rehearsal/reception? Or maybe you could even skip part of the events?

    Just brainstorming here...sometimes there are more possiblities that haven't been uncovered yet!

    Leaving for three days is a long time. Sometimes mamas *have* to do this (as in, maybe they would get fired from their job if they couldn't, or maybe they have to have a medical procedure that means they can't nurse for several days). But, if it's not a total have-to thing, I'm seriously wondering if there isn't an alternative, or something can't be worked out? Pumping as frequently as you would need to in order to keep up your milk production and avoid complications like plugged ducts/mastitis may not be such an easy task, you know? And I'm wondering, too, how *you* feel about leaving your baby for three days?

    All that aside, if you should decide to do this w/out bringing baby along (which would be a HUGE help because you could nurse like always when you're not at ceremonies, ect), I would URGE you to rent a hospital grade pump as they are best at extracting milk. Also, I would suggest that you pump at least as frequently as you are nursing as that will help prevent complications (like decreased production, plugged ducts, ect).
    This might help:

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    Default Re: Going away for 3 days in June

    A woman that I work with had to be away from her son for about a week I think and she had pumped enough milk for him while she was gone and she pumped while she was away and things went just fine. She said that when she returned he latched on right away like she had never been gone. You can do it!

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