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    Hello there.

    We are adopting a baby girl who is due May 14th.

    We are beyond thrilled.

    I would really like to nurse this baby. I nursed my daughter to just over the age of 3. She stopped nursing in June or July of last year. I can still hand express a few drops, several times a day.

    I have ordered a supply of Fenugreek and have a Pump In Style double electric pump.

    I have stated pumping in the hopes that, if I start soon, I can establish a milk supply to nurse my new daughter.

    I can't wait!

    However, I know myself pretty well and I know the odds of me getting frustrated if I don't get results rather quickly are high. What are reasonable expectations for this process?

    At this point in the process, how often should I be pumping and how long should each session last?

    I am already a little frustrated becasue I am getting NOTHING with the pump, but after I stop pumping I can express quite a few drops. Nothing that I could save, but there is clearly milk that is not being drawn out by the pump. Should I be concerned or is this just because there isn't much there yet?

    Should I rent a hospital grade pump? One of my sons was in the NICU for a month after he was born and I rented a pump during that time. Is this what I need to do in order to try and establish a supply for my new baby?

    I would REALLY appreciate any advice and/or support anyone can offer and I would LOVE to talk to moms who have successfully nursed their adopted


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    Baby girl due May 14th

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    I don't have any experience for you, but just wanted to say how much respect and admiration that I have for you. What an amazing thing you are doing by adopting a child in need, but to also give them the most fabulous start with breastmilk? I hope you know what a rare gem you are.

    All I can say is don't give up. Talk to a lactation consultant in person, do research to find one that has experience with relactation. If you have the money for it, why not find the best pump available, which in my experience is hospital grade. But also keep in mind that once you have that little baby in your arms and to your breast, things will be completely different. Just a hunch.
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    Pumping is supposed to be every two hours, but I've seen mixed times on how long it should last. I do it for like ten minutes, wait ten minutes, then another ten minutes for the whole hour, or if I don't feel like doing that, I just pump for thirty minutes every couple hours.

    I've been pumping to relactate for a month after a month and a half break (now almost three months!) and still nothing. But it varies for every woman.

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    Congratulations on the upcoming baby! How exciting!

    You have fenugreek and a good pump, and you're seeing results, so I think you're already on the road to success. You might want to contact a lactation consultant (preferably an IBCLC) and talk about renting a hospital grade pump- which could certainly help and won't hurt- and other ways to increase supply. You could have her observe a pumping session- she might see something that can be tweaked, like the size of breastshield you're using. You also might want to talk to her about drugs which can be used to increase supply- Reglan (available in the US) and Domperidone (Canada and the UK) are anti-nausea drugs which can increase milk supply in some moms. They both have additional side-effects and are not for all women, so discuss them with your midwife or doctor before taking either one. I have also heard that some adoptive moms use an Oxytocin nasal spray to stimulate production- but I don't know much more about it than that.

    At this point in the process, how often should I be pumping and how long should each session last?
    It's hard to say! Your baby isn't due till May... And relactating could take you a very short time or it could take a long time. Is your baby going to come right to you, with very little pause between birth and being in your arms, or do you expect to have to wait a while before you have her? The reason I ask is that nothing brings milk supply in like a nursing newborn. But if you anticipate that the baby is going to get more than a few bottles before coming to you, she could have problems transitioning to the breast.

    Here's a link on Adoptive Breastfeeding and Relactation.

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