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    I've been trying to get iron-rich foods into my daughter's diet, and it is kind of hit and miss. I just remembered that I had a jar of unsulfured blackstrap molasses and added just a little bit of that to her whole grain hippy waffles the other day, and it went over spectacularly... Yesterday I added a bit to her oatmeal, and it was still a hit. Have any of you used blackstrap molasses, and what quantity? I don't want to overdo it... As far as the constipation possibility, haven't found a thing that causes that for us so far (still keeping an eye out).
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    Default Re: Blackstrap Molasses

    I used it when sarah had low iron.
    I never noticed that it gave her problems.

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    That's exactly what got my daughter's dangerously low iron levels back up. The doctors were shocked that I hadn't given her any iron vitamins. I would put a teaspoon in her oatmeal each morning. I guess because we were still breastfeeding regularly, we didn't have any constipation problems.
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    I use this with my kids instead of another kind of sweetener (like honey or sugar). They are 19 mo. and 3. They both love it. I put it in their oatmeal and on their cereal, etc. No issues with constipation. We just make sure to brush their teeth well after using it.

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    My kiddo LOVES molasses as a sweetner. Other iron rich foods include apples/applesauce, but more importantly PRUNES. When he was little, I used to stew the prunes in a bit of water to make them super soft and he LOVED them. We certainly did not have any problems with constipation!
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