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Thread: pumping not as effective

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    Default pumping not as effective

    I don't seem to have to problem breast feeding, my baby is full after a feeding.
    But when I pump milk I can barely get anything! Maybe 2oz.
    I only pump if I really have to (when I go to school twice a week, an when she has to visit her dad )
    Is this low milk production? Or am I pumping wrong? (When my milk first came in I could pump a whole bottle with each breast!)
    This is making me never want to go anywhere with out her!

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    Default Re: pumping not as effective

    Not all moms produce huge amounts of milk when pumping. The amount you produce depends on:
    - How old your baby is (moms of very young babies often have some degree of excess supply)
    - What sort of pump you have (manual vs. electric, new vs. old)
    - When you pump (time of day makes a huge difference, as does the amount of time it's been since last you nursed)
    - How you respond to the pump (not all moms respond well to the pump)
    - How long you've been pumping (some moms pump more with time, some less)

    2 oz is actually not a bad amount to be pumping, so what you describe doesn't sound like low milk production to me, particularly since your baby sounds like she's getting plenty when nursing. When you were pumping a whole bottle from each breast (like 4-5 oz, right?), that actually sounds like a huge amount of excess supply.

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    Default Re: pumping not as effective

    First, pumping and knowing the amount each breast produces can make you go CRAZY and over think everything! Trust me.... I have been back to work for four weeks now and everyday I worry about my milk supply.

    Second, make sure your pump suctions at least 50 times a minute. Least than that will not stimulate your breast enough. Pump for at least 20 minutes each time even if milk is not coming out. Pressure on the breast can help more milk come out too. I, personally, have a hard time drink enough water when I am busy, so think about that too.

    If you are producing enough for your baby to be full when you are around... I am sure the supply is fine. Just let your baby tell your body what to do.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: pumping not as effective

    thank you! I will try this

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